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Poems by Beedoo!

Fear of Whatthehellizzits
(More in the Dark vers 2)

When did I start
having nightmares
about half-burnt-out lightbulbs
and doors off their hinges;
couldn't keep the psychos out,
letting claw-wielding whatevers
make waytooclose grabs
as I shoved against
a door face
that wouldn't close...

When I was four
(or five or six),
I'd depend on my
Snoopy nightlight
my Now-I-Lay-Mes
kisses from Mom and Dad
(for luck...
they can't do a thing
against goddamn
A glass of water
a trip to the potty
all the excuses I could find
to stay up because
lights off
means terror
it's looking more likely...)
and what I really need is
a nice wall to back up against
so the whatthehellizzits
can't pull any tricks
like I know they want to.

They say in a corner
you can't get out but
at least you can see
what's coming to get you
(right there, just
Turn over and
it hides your eyes,
‘coz watching shadows
in half-dark rooms
brings states of insanity
that childs' minds know.

When did it stop again,
to need
curtains thicker
than blue slat shades
a door that closes off the light
and to cover
the clock on my VCR
to sleep
in comfort of pitch-blackness?
The dark became welcome
as I let in
past hingeless doors
and Whatthehellizzit
settled in my mind.

The whatthehellizzits finally
left me alone.
I stick to
sensible nightmares now
(tornadoes and teaching,
running a car off
a bridge
into water or canyon)
I dream I'm
a whatthehellizzit
lurking the corner
of someone else's dream.
They're the one scared of me,
sweating behind
a notclosing door
scared I've come
to feed on them.
I'm already
feeding on them.

Now I know
whatthehellizzit they want.
I crave it too.

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