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Poems by Beedoo!


Tall and rather bulbous, she'd always use me
As an armrest
During lunchtime. She was in my AP classes.
No one liked her really. Even the teachers.
(Who likes the school bully anyway?)
She tried taking up a collection once
To buy herself contacts. She got a few cents.
Eighth grade, she got a big lump of cancer
In her neck. Looked
Like she had the plague. Missed a lot of school.
I felt like a rotten fish for ditching her at lunch.
I don't know if Lisa ever did.
Saw her in the high-school halls a couple years later.
She was glad to see me...thrilled!
We hugged and talked about hair...
I had more, about a foot. She had less
'cause of chemo. She was still a couple inches taller.
I was glad she was still alive. Could've cried, I think.
Later that year, Lisa started ditching me, too.

I got a cyst removed the next summer.

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