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Poems by Beedoo!

Waking Up Dying

Maybe you know what itís like
To wake up dying.
The dream ideals fade and drop
like rotten plums no one could reach in the fall
with a sickening SPLUTCH and an acrid smell.
Itís nights like that
when you wake up in the dark
that you canít tell where you are or how
you got there in the first place
And you seem to be facing the wrong direction
(In the darkÖ where you canít tell much of anything,
and yet you canÖ) when someone misplaced all the
walls and the bathroom
and you think with the voice in your mind
"What am I doing here? Do I really know?"
You donít have an answer, youíre scared
And alone and donít know where your lifeís gone and your feet are hotÖ
Youíve woken up dying. Congratulations.
Welcome to Hell; please enjoy your stay.

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