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Poems by Beedoo!

Dragon of the Web (Chinese Dragon Vase ver2)

Sensual, he is beautiful in
the way he curls around
the dark ivory in bleeding red bronze
his bronzed-over vertebrae
ring round the lip of an ornamental vase
he drives his scaled hindclaws into its frame
clasping ivory
he twists to stare at me

My sister (not really my sister--
my worldwideweb twinsis)
gave me the vase
after my brain tumor
she shaved her head when I lost my hair
I'm her someone to admire
--a testament to my age and wisdom
because we're twins
we stay up til 2am
writing poetry and music script
we are each other's twin

Chinese say twins (Ith and me)
are signs of balance: Dragon and Phoenix
male Dragon
wise whiskers, antler crowns
breath of fire ash
bites his tail, is infinity
female Phoenix pursues
the flaming heat of lust
and reincarnates in her own fire
in perfect balance always
but that's the way it goes

The chat family tree twists
in many odd ways,
more turns than pretzels
your make-out one day
reincarnates, your brother the next
me, the dragon,
I have three twins, four maybe
Ith's my closest RL resemblance
we both had long brown hair
that twisted down out backs
at least, until mine fell out

Phoenix Ithica, chaos Goddess
short and dark and soft like me
twisted in many ways.
You're cute, this Phoenix burns
If you weren't strait, I'd boff ya.

I'm a more dragonish persuasion: I crave
that redgold scale coating
aggression and fire and
maleness is more defining to me

I couldn't say if Chinese philosophers
would frown on our relationship,
almost incestuous
but cyberspace won't hold
to the exact same rules;
tipping the scales,
upsetting the balance
won't destroy your world
(unless I drop my tail)

Reincarnated in a goldbronze contrast
gallant claws hold me tightly
to my twin's Phoenixness
I could love her chaotic curves
aspire, desire to be in her deathgrip
my sister balances my feminine scales
I twist and burn in her lustful flames

Ask my dragon vase to make me again,
spill out our bronze-red pair
balance my scales
against her ashes
I'll be her Chaos God
and I will twist around her
in many ways.

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