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Poems by Beedoo!

Tsitchtinako, v2

Grandmother teaches us how to weave
a splended rug of many patterns
as the shuttle slides through my loom
one more row is done.

a wonderous two great hills rug pattern
she tells our creation to help us learn
another row is done
black, white, gray, and our Ganado red.

She tells our creatuin and helps us to learn
my sister and i well know the ways
the white and gray of Ganado and the rez
before we board the bus of the white's school.

My sister and i know the way
watching sage, grass, juniper, paintbrush
as we ride the bus bound for the white school
away from home and Grandmother.

Watching sage, grass, juniper, paintbrush,
We will miss you, we cry as we prepare to go
away from home, but Grandmother
says she will see us again.

We will miss you, we shout as we leave our home
but since this old, withered woman
says she will see us again,
we know she will be there when we return.

Since this old, withered woman
has been alive so many years
we knoe she'll be there when we return
back to the rugs we were learning to weave

Keep our ways alive as many years
as my shuttle has passed through my loom
finishing the webs we are learning to make
Grandmother Spider taught us to weave.

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