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Poems by Beedoo!

Pantoum for Tsitchtinako

Grandmother teaches us how to weave
a splendid rug of many patterns
as the shuttle slides through my loom
one more row is done.

A wonderous Two Great Hills rug pattern
She tells our creation to help us learn
Another row is done in
Black, white and gray and our Ganado red.

She tells our creation to teach the ways
Our people have followed years upon years on
The white-yellow-gray of Ganado and the rez
Where our fat sheep skip and kick up the dust

Our people survive here year upon year on
Mutton and cornmeal in eight-sided hogans
And sheep kick up dust into their wool,
Wool to wash, card and spin

A meal of mutton and corn in our Hogan
Then outside to work again
Wool to wash, card and spin:
Yarn for the rugs we are learning to make

Outside and to work again
Sister follows her motions
Pulling yarn through the rug she is learning to make
To keep the spirit of our people alive

I follow her motions and
Grandmother smiles and weaves
To keep our people's spirits alive
As many years as the shuttle has passed through her loom

Grandmother smiles, and sings as we weave
My shuttle has passed through my loom
Many years she has shuttled and spun at her webs
Grandmother Spider taught us to weave

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