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Poems by Beedoo!

Sword Fight

my, isn't that a shiny one
pretty one isn't it?
it's so sharp and silver
silver always looks good
good weapon, must play with
with my usual greens and purples
prrrr...pull. heft. wield. swing.
swing it? yes, with my budget, I probably could
cold. forged metal. hard. just
just manage, and look at the inlay!
lay in wait, POUNCE, swing, strike!
strike that idea, would never work.
work is for people without shiny swords.
swords are for people with money.
money, we got money. Whole hoard of money, we got.
got to eat, ya know.
ya know, you're getting on my nerves.
nervous about money. have to move out before long.
long time since I had a decent weapon
on and on you go, never stops, does it?
that does it! If you don't then I'll get it
you just don't get it, ya know?
and knowing is half the battle.
battle is for SCA geeks with spare time.
time we got, weapons we don't.
don't you think you're being--
being good, not a crime, being good to myself.
--self-serving, a little?
a little more confidence, you'll shine up nice, too.

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