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Poems by Beedoo!

Beedoo!'s Welcome to Station 8

No mortal eyes have seen this place
and you must have special magic to enter...
Fear for your life if you're--gods forbid--NORMAL!
'cause we're all a few froots short of a loop.

The food fights are frequent, to say the least,
and there's always a tart or rogue, no matter the time, day or night,
(so watch your back!)
Don't worry about tidying up--no one does,
yet somehow, it always stays clean...

So if you don't mind this realm's inhabitants
--gargoyles, faerfolk, a dragon or five, intersprinkled with a furr now and then--
and so long as you can handle the occasional bloodthirsty massacre,
or getting hit with various large objects,
tossed in the pool or off the balcon,
roasted, toasted, or eaten by the couch--
the orange one against the wall there,
where the plaster's been broken away--
Then by all means, you're welcome to stay!

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