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Poems by Beedoo!

Road and Radio

Flagstaff past midnight is never exciting;
for a small college town, the pacing's too slow.
Tania and I never know where we're heading

and express a decided lack of deciding--
after taking in sushi and maybe a show,
there isn't much left, since I don't like drinking

(it's the taste I don't like, more than anything;
and the secrets she spills drunk, I'd rather not know) so
we end up in the Jetta, continually cruising.

The turn-around roads of Continental keep callin',
want to see us singing to the radio...
Tania flips stations and a song by Phil Collins

comes on. She endeavors to show off her singing,
in full Chorale vocal...as for me, I don't know
any Phil Collins lyrics ... I la-la-la, driving

too fast past the huge-ass and high-ended dwellings
and somehow we have a fine time caterwauling
to Phil Collins songs that I barely know;
Phil and Tania don't care which lyrics I'm mauling.

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