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Poems by Beedoo!

I’ve been waiting for this high-school reunion

*insert maniacal laughter here*
(it's hard to put maniacal laughter down in print)
But you'll get the picture soon enough.
You think you've developed.
with a wife and kids
candy-ass damn desk job
big car big tits bikini bitch big house big man big fucking deal
while the poor wallflower (gone wildflower) you knew
is still spending nights with lined paper
writing romance gone wrong. Single?
(still got the shallow mind, I see)
I prefer to keep my options open.
I'll track a million what does it matter?
Be good to settle on one, unlike...

You expected that of me, didn't ya?
It would suit your world, a sex-desperate fatgirl
with a wifebeater slum drunkard and
pop out kids like kittens in a crate.
Yes you were that immature.
Yes I remember of course I remember I remember
In gym my name meant nothing
my pride even less
and Godhelp if you say
a good word in my presence.
I've gone bitter, cold cold and biting cruel
Maturity's not my style.
I filled out in evil
Held it tight long enough
to unleash it on
one person
one person damn well deserves it.
Don't you feel special?
I saved it for you
just for you.
I cultivate my inner anger.
I like wearing my harsh title of
"vindictive little fang-bearing bitch."
It wraps around tight like fishnet hose.

I suppose I thank you for that.
Aren't you so proud?

They say the best revenge
Is to forgetforgetforgetforget
They're wrong. Dead wrong. The best way the best way the best
Way ha ha is to let it boil down ‘til the ten-year reunion
And throw the fine cruel distillment
into his face, into his life
and watch it drip, drip,
drip down his kisser like
sour milk sweat. Watch his look melt and run
down his face, down his wife's
and I'm off to the races.
You'll hear me laugh.
My cackle sizzles your soul
You, shiver now ‘cause I've only got goin'.
Your hands dead corpse-cold when I stop if I do.
I hope this time on I burn you frozen, my laugh cutting
cold chill break brr!
so I can push you down hard and shatter you
All the way through.
You know I've been practicing
Ten years you wish you'd never seen.

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