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Poems by Beedoo!

Not a Prison Make

Living in this reality,
I have but one complaint:
That I should have to suffer
Under reality’s restraint.
I cannot use my tail here,
Nor run on four clawed feet,
My mind is not as clever,
My breath is not as sweet.
I cannot sing on perfect pitch
(At least, not all the time),
And when it comes to poetry,
I feel lucky that things even rhyme.
My lovely scales are gone now,
As are my sharpened fangs,
And my words are always accented
By some funky southern twang.
But what I miss the most here
Is riding on the wind…
To hear its breath around me,
To feel it on my skin.
It’s screaming whisper calls me;
Alas, I can’t reply…
These goddamned laws of gravity
Have me grounded ‘til I die.
You see, I am not like you…
Though I was human-born,
You only see me like this
In a fragile human form.
A dragon I am in my world,
With fang and wing and claw;
A dragon I cannot be here,
Bound by physics’ cold harsh law.
How I wish to fly again
Upon my leather wings!
But then, humans could not comprehend
The manner of these things.
This world, it is my prison;
I am trapped in bars of lies.
It is torture to a dragon
To have wind, but no wings to fly!
Someday I will find my world again
Or perhaps it will find me.
And then shall I roar my might again;
And then, shall I be free!

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