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Poems by Beedoo!

Poetry Gripe

So here I lie,ready to kill,
and there's a moth fluttering up dust
out of the window track
with you telling me I'm archaic...
Hell, I AM the archaic!
It's all I've known.
You, throwing culture and tradition to the wind--
To hell with you, I'm staying right here.
The ages will not change me like they've
changed you, Frozen in stone for a thousand years
is not going to bother me, because
I'll live forever
regardless. Delicious, pah.
This is how I always talk.
There's no stopping me from doing it now...
You're years too late...years I never noticed had passed.
And I still have my wings and claws
and dreams.
Those will never change...you can't kill me
though I wish someone would.
I tire of this living death,
this burden of years
and years upon years.
Lack of freedom drives me.
There is nothing of mine you can further take
and still leave me whole.
Does it matter anymore?
Grounding, grounding... the world is too grounded as it is.
How do you go about killing
the entire human race?
I think you've done a nice job on it already.

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