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Poems by Beedoo!

Pinball Lizard

Ever since she was a hatchling,
She stalked the silver ball.
From Flagstaff down to Phoenix,
She must've ate 'em all.
That's why you'll never find her
Raiding musty Viking halls,
That green scaly dragon
Sure preys a mean pin-ball!

You can hear her comin',
Just listen for the screams.
You wouldn't think that reptiles
Would like pinball machines...
Plays just like a human,
But with wings and fangs and claws,
That green Beedoo! dragon
Sure plays a mean pin-ball!

She's a pinball lizard!
Just watch that tail twitch,
A pinball lizard
like straight out of a myth...

Why do you think she does it?
I don't know!
Does she think it's food?

Sure attacks the tables,
Eats all the buzzers and bells,
Watch her eyes a'flashin',
Breathes fire as hot as hell,
But if she ever breaks it,
She'll just eat it all.
That green skinny dragon
Sure kills a mean pin-ball!

I thought she'd want
The riches of a king.
But she just wants
That shiny-pretty thing!

Passed up gold for silver,
Don't care how high she scored
She just wants to catch is
And add it to her hoarde
Always cheers Arcadia,
Thinks it's an amusement hall,
That big stupid lizard
Just ate the last pin-ball...

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