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Poems by Beedoo!

Pennies in a Jar --dedicated to the EDF200 class of S98!

The principle was simple,
Take pennies out, put pennies in.
It wasn't quite that easy,
and where can you begin?
One for saying nevermind,
One for a child's smile,
For taking time to answer why,
For putting things off for a while.
Something said to hurt someone,
Or ideas gone to waste,
A wink or a hug or a simple hello,
Especially so when in haste.
We tally them up and put them away
All ins and outs and hence
We learn to be better people;
Somehow it all makes "cents."
A few forgotten here or there,
A misplaced cent or two,
A handful in.. just because
You had nothing better to do.
One for making someone laugh,
One because you didn't care.
But have no fear, for in the end,
It will all come out square.

I thought my jar would fill at once,
But now I have no doubt;
There will always be more room
For pennies in and pennies out.

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