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Poems by Beedoo!

To Meet and Onliner

To meet an onliner:
My nerves near overpowered me
the first
few times but
meeting people has always
been awk.
Like the room's
been killed,
no possts
for hours, days
until Dub cracks a joke
at Arno
we all laugh at
its online overusage
and say dumb things like 'small o dot big o?'
or (Squee!)
to fully
the geek
in us all
which iswhy we're here.

Sometimes you know them
just by their look
because no one else could possibly fit
that posture
that stance
their lingual flair
or the subject matter
"There is no spoon"
or "Better than Barney!"
--"God, Greg needs
some new lines!"
Like a moth knows a flower
we collect en masse
emerging and diverging
into Garg geek subcultures:
Arcadians, Valks,
Minis, CanClan,
GFW and MGC--
all manner of oddities
because this is where geeks
collect each year
to lay their eggs
then migrate back
to parts unknown
until next year.

Photos make miserable
and illegible badges
have little effect
'coz we want to talk anyway
We don't knave to know them
(they're us anyway)
but we do--a sure Arnoness
could only be Arno;
and AUminess on a MAui,
the quickdraw mad skillz of a Jessie;
there's a certain JadGriffin-ness
about someone named Megan
between the shortness
and freckles,
The same way it is for me
and my bigass buck teeth
There's a certain sea-green of a Seri,
the roll of the name Moriar
shows the shape of his face,
catch a flash of harpy
in the red sleekness of Celano.

Then you start to talk,
and see even more chat-visions
in their swing of speech
and you can never see them online again
without reading their voice.

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