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Poems by Beedoo!

Ode for Online Relationships (vers 2)

The passion flowed through wires
soft as the air you breathed
across the wet stream you made
with a tongue that's not real.
For a moment, rapture...
but without orgasm.

Does it feel false to you yet
O Honest Stalker?
--where you've typed x series of keys
To represent love--

1101110_1101111_11111111_1101001_11111111_1101100_1110101_ 1110110_11111111_1110101_11111111_1101101_1101111_1110010
--no i luv u mor
and hold to believing in a 56k psychic
connection between you,
--*lol* u r sw33t...
stolid belief in your own imagination;
online interactions that excite and impair.

But steal your daddy's Impala just once
with plans to meet her and elope...
Tongues are not agile IRL; soft
touches gone, sex still a mystery;
your smile lacks the usual confident ;)...
She says you look taller and darker online.
Somehow reality reduced you to 'average.'
In her real eyes, you're not quite
so L33T as you were.

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