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Poems by Beedoo!

Ode for Online Relationships

The passion flowed through wires
soft as the air you breathed
across the wet stream you made
with a tongue that's not real.
For a moment, rapture
without orgasm.

Yet isn't the feeling false?
Honest as a stalker,
where here you've typed x series of keys
To represent interpreted love--

1101110_1101111_11111111_1101001_11111111_1101100_1110101_ 1110110_11111111_1110101_11111111_1101101_1101111_1110010
--no i luv u mor
and hope she infers the same meaning you meant,
online interactions that excite and impair.

But steal your daddy's Impala just once
with plans to meet her and elope...
Here the tables start to turn--
and though you both profess online
that all your shortcomings don't really matter
one wrong move in the real world
will have her hate you by the end of the week.

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