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Poems by Beedoo!

I’m No Vegetarian…
--to Arno

Rack of ribs, rump roast,
Peppered, smoked, fried,
Tenderloin, choice cuts,
Marinated, dried.
Kidney, haggis, tongue and brains,
Served as hash or scrapple,
Shish-kebobs or stroganoff,
Whole-roast with wine and apples!
Braised, breaded, Bourguignonne,
Poached, perhaps sautéed,
Jellied, pickled; shoulder, crown;
Raw, baked, or flambe’.
Lasagna, Moussaka,
Filet mignon or flank,
Herb, tartare, with vegetables;
Sandwich-sliced or planked!
Stuffed or seared or Cordon Bleu;
T-bone, chops, rib-eye!
It’s so hard to be a dragon
With all these entrees walking by!

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