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Poems by Beedoo!

The Lonely Bachelorette

Can I ever meet anyone
Who will love me for me?
Somehow I don’t feel
That trustworthy…
I’m shy and abandoned
And will always be alone,
Unless someone finds me
Who’ll have me as their own.
But what are the odds here?
I haven’t a chance.
I want to go waltzing
But I know I can’t dance…
There’s no one for me
Who’d fight a thousand men,
Who’d go a thousand miles,
Who’d free me from my den;
A man who would do this
My favor would gain,
But would he still suffer
If he knew his prize was so plain?
I could not endear to
These gifts that he’d give;
If he was not happy,
I’d not wish to live.
Why do there tend
To be no men like that?
If loyalty were soda,
The mens’ have gone flat.
So Alone I’ll remain,
‘Til one comes on by,
Who’s loyal and selfless
And lonely as I.
I would not ask much of him,
Just to know that he
Would offer self-sacrifice
If it would save me.
I’m beginning to doubt
That such men are real,
But long locked-up agony
Is all I can feel…
I’m tired, nearly suicidal,
But cannot die yet…
The quest is never-ending
For the Lonely Bachelorette.

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