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Poems by Beedoo!

The Invisible Fuck

Fuck what? Fuck me?
Days of real fucking insults are
really fucking gone,
What teh fuck is cleverness?
'cause people's fucking minds
don't fucking work as fast anymore.
All you get these days isa
fuck you fuck it fuck this that him her George W
fucking traffic, fucking cops, fucking wind rain dog work
fuck fuck fuck fuck
'til no one even fucking hears it any more,
just a biofuckinglogical function
gone horribly fucking wrong.
Bloody fuck or buggerfuck might get you
a little more fucking attention, or used as a noun,
you little fuck, but it's still just the invisible Fuck
because it's all fucked over from overfucking use
to the point where no one gives a fuck
about fuck.

what you'll hear from me instead is
you toad-sucking monkey-riding scum-laden
offspring of a menstruating warthog!

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