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Poems by Beedoo!

How Can You Say

How can you say that you love me
when we live so very far apart?
To stun me with your words
like a fly against a lightbulb...
I can only twitch and wonder
why I gave you the time of day
because it's taken so much out of me,
And I've taken nothing back...

How could you make such a fool of me?
I forgave but you'd never forget...
Such an idiot am I
to jump through your hoops.
I'm the only one jumping,
i haven't seen you try.
God knows my demons
would tell me to leave you,
Replying 'I can't'surely
doesn't discourage them...
Oh, do I betray you?
the simple fact is no,
though my heart is uncertain enough
as it is,
Certainly my mind
in all its endless wanderings...
Already my mind has found somebody else
who can know me like no one
and love me like you...

Only better.

How can you know that you truly do love me?
Your actions express none at all...
In fact,
I wonder, oh unquieted lover,
have not found another on your own...

Your own--do not call me yours!
you don't have all the rights
you think you deserve,
looter of treasure and smasher of dreams.

I cannot wait for your mind to be made up
(I'm sure someone has the spare parts you need)
And I cannot be free
if you're holding me down,
You say you can't help it--
Like hell you can't--
and it's not really your fault I jump though your hoops
for days on end
and down to night,
I still swear I love you,
and night to dawn,
I dream of another's arms.

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