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Poems by Beedoo!

Fantasia ~ Dawning Song

Dragons soaring in my dreams
Shearing air with wing and flame
Singing speed
Spirit pure and honoured name.

Of thy kind I’ve wished to be;
All my soul, one heartfelt pang…
Scales that sheen
A voice to keen
With razor claw and sabred fang!

Dragons dancing in my dreams
Flying cry, call out to me!
Spin and turn,
Flashing burn,
Shall I dance with thee?

Dragons, dragons, soaring high
Sing and dive so free…
Dawning light,
My wings take flight..
Yes, I’ll dance with thee!

Dragons, dear ones of my dreams,
Vanishing now into sky,
Dawning’s song
Must end ere long
‘Til tomorrow once more shall we fly!

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