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Poems by Beedoo!

The Great Dragonslayer

Even as my wings beign to cramp
And I begin an early descent into this world you have made so barren,
I wonder why you must destroy all you find so beautiful,
That you are so plain that youmust force all else into your mold.
I seem to be a fracture in your reality,
and I must be patched up with great immediacy
before I crack and spread out through your philosophy.
As if I could convince you of anything.

You cracked my tooth once, so long ago.
I had to be disposed of, you decided, and took to the task
with haste and rigor...
Lucky dragon, to get away with a broken fang
and not a broken neck.
Though I suppose I have no chance now,
At the end of my rope, my strength,
possibly, hopefully, my existence,
for who could live so long in this torment?
Dragonslayer, strike true, strike hard...
For no life is so hard
as that of a friendless immortal.

You, who would seek out all this, that I have and do not want,
Try to take it from me--you will find it as impossible
as teaching rocks to sing.
You have no hold in my realm, no control at all.
Still, this keeps you not from trying...
It is fated, written in some prophet's dusty tome no doubt,
that you are to win this day upon the battlefield,
whichever you choose as my grave.
I will not go silently...nor swiftly, nor peacefully.
With claw and wing and one cracked tooth out of a jaw of many
--which has pained me since that day so long ago--
I will fight to such half-welcomed as you preach of...

Mayhap luck will follow me once again,
To curse me as it has in the past
with long life, but no prosperity...
If when we meet as foes in the field,
to unsheathe our weapons before one another
and fight until your sword and lance are dulled
and my teeth broken and claws blunted...
If per wicked chance I should be the one left standing
upon my aching feet,
Rearing to spread my scarred and flight-weary wings,
know that you shall be the one at peace,
for there is but one of my kind,
and of yours, there are more than plenty.

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