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Poems by Beedoo!

Chat Freewrite

My world is the chat. I live there. I do what I like and entertain by my antics. People love me. People hate me. Nothing remains hidden but my face and my face is of little consequence. It's a whole new standard--everyone is as beautiful as they wanna be and there's nothing to hide behind--bare soulds, sometimes bare bodies, but likewise, no pressure. they keys asre what we are; the mouse, the pixels. (hex code) Dark Green B! if i choose to exists, -- if no. We don't have to be afraid of what we are, or what anyone else is: don't have to be human (Arno claims to be-- 'course his dragon ass is my fault entirely). I am opposite of my offline self--sleek, fast, gorgeously gatoreyjaws of gaping doom that swallow dead and live and all that exists (except bell peppers, naturally) and oh my yes I am bold, brazen, and brainless. Willing to fall for every last trick, evading by the luick that that comes from one's own imagination: controlled luck beyond the accident roll of a 3 or a 6 in a place that disobeys physics with tragic proportion (pool basement upper floor lower floor balcony meadow rafters turrets stone walls wood walls plaster walls trapdoors shadows bathrooms kitchen roomservice godknowswhat'sintheclosets...)

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