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Beedoo!'s Poetry Stacks

Welcome to the new poetry stacks! This is about the first time I've updated the poetry section of my page in roughly four years, and therefore it's had a major overhaul in look and style to match the rest of the site! (no more fugly white backgrounds!) It's really aweing to look back at how horrible my older stuff is, now that I've written better things... nonetheless, they're still here for your perusal! Note that some poems are later revisions. These are from my poetry classes... generally I prefer the first drafts better, but take your pick. ;)

DO enjoy the poems and write me at prplbeedoo@yahoo.com with criticism/praise/money or shinies,
but please
DO NOT claim these poems as your own. Copyright violation sucks!


Lies of the Light
The Lonely Bachelorette
Footsteps in the Dust
Just For Tonight
Tragedy in Love
The Fool's Paradise

Puzzle Piece
Not a Prison Make
Pennies in a Jar
Song of a Hearsick Kantri (E. Kerner)
Fantasia ~ Dawning Song
A Demon Lament
Parental Neglect
Written from Under a Wasp's Nest How to Shine

Art Gallery



Skinned Knees
Calaveras County Court...
Backroads of Oz
Fast Kid (Terabithia)
15,000 Reasons...
Grow Up!
Waking Up Dying

I'm No Vegetarian
Secret Box
Song of the Summit
These Days...
Told or Untold
The Unicorn King
Bad Egg
Bad Egg, v2

Dogear Wryde



Wife Beater (Calaveras, v2)
Ah--Hazy Image
Ah--Hazy Image, v2
Misdiagnosed, v2
More in the Dark Than Ever
Fear of Wtthhlizzts (More...Dark, v2)
Ugly One-Horned Mules
Unicorny Shoes (Mules, v2)

Ode to Online Relationships
Ode to OL Rels, v2
Mommy (Parental Neglect, v2)
Philosophy of the Lone Romantic
Road & Radio
Bee's S8 Welcome
Shine, v2


Fan Page


On Staying in a Stranger's House
A Sword Fight
Pantoum for Tsitchtinako
Shit-brown Volkswagen
Volkswagen, v2
The Chinese Dragon Vase
Dragon of the Web (Vase, v2)
Written...Wasp's Nest, v2
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

A Little Insomnia
Chat Freewrite

The Great Dragonslayer
Dried Rose
Haunted by the Ring
How Can You Say


The Invisible Fuck
Lonely Dragon
A Most Ornate Orgasm
The Violent Death of Nocte the Fish
To Meet an Onliner
Must Give Us Pause
Poetry Gripe
Tsitchtinako, v2
We Are...

FILK: Elisa Triumphant
FILK: Pinball Lizard
FILK: Sushi in the Sky with Diamonds
Original Song: After the Afterglow