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Greetings all! I know what you're thinking... Holy crap! Not only and update but a full revamp! That's right. I got really bored with the old prpl scale design. So you get this instead. Shiny, ne? More poetry, more art, more fic. Slightly less eye-candy. And oooo...thumbnails! New, new, new! Shiny! Less annoying, too.

Nothing's really gone, just revamped, like Ruby here. The pets have shrunk... Soilent Green is people!
I left them in the dryer too long. But now they can hide easier. Why are they hiding? Because they've got treasure! Well, quotes. (Dragons hoard things! We can't help it! You've got your collections, I've got mine. Nya!) Mouse over the pet for the quote of the unspecified period of time. (Hopefully I'll have time to update these on a sorta-regular basis! Anyway, Aristra, Mozambique, Xica, Lohe, Tawny and Kelekona are hiding all over the site... keep an eye out for them! And if you happen to run across the coolest (or most disturbing) quote in the world, mail it to me! The pets might snatch it! ;)

As always, the dwagoon loves criticism... preferably the constructive kind, but I'll take what I can get. ;) So drop me a line at my (also new) e-mail, prplbeedoo@yahoo.com , to bug me about this and that or whatall, or just to yak.

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