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Enter the Dratini…

Christy "Beedoo!" Radosevich

"Today’s the day," Hannah said, sitting up in bed. "Today I’m gonna catch my first pokémon!" She turned to look out the window. Another beautiful summer day. "Perfect!"

Jumping out of bed, she tossed on the first clothes she could find on the cluttered floor, a tee-shirt and jeans, and brushed her hair out in front of her mirror. "Gotta hurry! Gotta hurry!" she squealed anxiously. Pausing for just a second to grab her pokéball, she dashed out the front door. "Bye mom! I’m gonna go find Kimmy and catch some pokémon!"

"Aren’t you going to have any breakfast first?" her mother called in from the other room.

"No!" came the hurried answer, followed by the loud slam of the door.

Hannah sprinted down the street to Kim’s house, hopping the gate and bounding up onto the porch. She hurriedly knocked on the door, then stood up straight and composed herself. The door swung open revealing a yawning woman in a bathrobe.

"Ohh.. good morning Hannah…" she said blearily.

"Hi Mrs. Murphy! Is Kimmy home?"

"Yes.. come on in… she’ll be out in a second…" Kim’s mother said and yawned again. "Kimmy! Hannah’s here!" she called over a shoulder. "Why are you up so early in the morning, Hannah?"

"My uncle says the pokémon come out early. I’m gonna catch one today!"

"Oh.. today’s the day, is it?"

"For sure this time!" Hannah looked past Mrs. Murphy to her friend. "Hi Kimmy!"

Kimmy yawned, looking exactly like her mother. Do we HAVE to be up this early?"

"Of course! You wanna catch a pokémon, don’t you? Hurry and get your stuff!"

"Can’t we have breakfast first?"

"Come on…" Hannah rolled her eyes and dragged Kim out of the house by the wrist.

"Just a little closer and.." The pidgey heard something behind it and took to the sky. "Oooooohhh.. nuts! Not again!" Hannah whined, getting to her feet.

"Hannah, can’t we go home yet? I’m starving!"

"Can we go home yet? Can we go home yet? No, we’re not going home yet! I’m going to catch a pokémon today… I can feel it!"

Kim rolled her eyes. "Yeah right.. you said that about yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that…"

"Some best friend you are…" muttered Hannah. "Ah! Look! A rattata! Heeeeeere, rattata, nice rattata…"

The little mouse looked up at the dirt-smeared girl towering over it with a pokéball in one hand. Hannah froze. So did the rattata.

"Hannah, throw it! Throw it!" Kimmy hissed at her.

"Not yet… not yet!" she said back through her teeth, trying to keep as still as possible. "NOW!" she yelled, throwing the ball straight at the pokémon. The rattata squeaked and scurried into the grass beside the road as the pokéball landed where it had just been. Hannah looked crestfallen and picked up her pokéball again. "This isn’t faiiiiiirrr…."

"Come on, Hannah… you can just save your allowance and buy a pokémon at the pet shop like everyone else."

"I don’t want a pet, I want a pokémon to fight with!"

"You can have one of mine… I’ve already got two pidgeys. I know you’d take good care of it," Kim said, offering one of her pokéballs.

"And I wanna catch my own, just like my uncle did…" Hannah said, grinding her teeth.

"Well… you could just borrow it for a while." Kim smiled innocently.

"Thanks… I don’t think so."

Kim sighed. "I’m gonna go… it’s getting pretty cloudy. Mom doesn’t like me being out in the rain. She’s afraid I’ll catch a cold or something."

"Okay…" Hannah mumbled.

"You coming?"

"Naw.. I think I’ll stay here and think for awhile," she replied, plopping down on a rock next to the pond.

"Suit yourself," Kim shrugged. "See you tomorrow!"

"Bye…" Hannah turned to look out over the rippling water, then down at the still empty pokéball in her hand. Luck was definitely not on her side today… not as if it had been for the past four weeks, since the day she’d turned ten. She remembered back to her previous birthday, when her uncle Mark had given her the best present ever….

"We really appreciate the visit, Mark. Hannah’s been dying to see her favorite uncle again. I know it must be hard to get out of Ochre Town this time of year…"

"Oh, no problem at all, Cindy. I’ve got my junior trainers to look after the place… besides, the fresh air here in Cyan will do me good. Happy Birthday, Hannah!" he said, pulling a box out of his suitcase.

"What is it? What is it?" she cried, shaking the box to see if she could tell what was inside.

"Well, open it and see!" Uncle Mark had said, smiling gleefully as she tore away the wrapping and opened the lid.

"Oh, WOW! A pokéball! Neato! Thank you, Uncle Mark!" she said, tossing it and catching it in one hand.

"You’re a little young for it now, but you can learn to aim your throw for now. You’ll be catching pokémon before you know it!" he said, ruffling her hair.

"Mark, how did you know?" Hannah’s mother asked. "She adores pokémon!"

"Oh, I’ve got my sources," he winked down at Hannah.

"Thank you, Uncle Mark!" she said again, jumping up to give him a hug. "I wanna be just like you when I grow up!"

"Just remember, it takes a lot of work to be a Pokémon Master, and a lot of responsibility. You have to be ready for whatever comes at you…"


Hannah snapped out of her nostalgia as a raindrop hit the top of her head. "Oh great…" she moaned, curling up at the base of the tree she was leaning against, hoping maybe it would provide a little cover during the storm. Lightening flashed off in the clouds, and Hannah counted four before she heard the thunder that went with it. She hoped it wouldn’t get much closer or she’d have to get away from the tree. What a miserable day…

The little dratini peeked out of its underwater hiding spot. Since the sun had gone behind a cloud, maybe the bigger, meaner pokémon wouldn’t see it. Its small size and odd coloring made it an easy target. But, not seeing any other pokémon around, it decided it was safe to come out and forage for a bit.

It pecked up what food it wanted from the rocky bottom, then swam its way up to the surface. Dratini liked rain.. the vibrations it made just under the water’s surface, the tingly feeling it gave when it hit its sea-green skin. It checked around again for any danger and saw nothing but a couple of magikarp floundering lazily along. It gave a joyful little dratini giggle and powered itself up and out of the water. As it was back-flopping through the rain, it saw a human sitting on the shore. Figuring there was no harm in a little joke, it headed for the shore, snickering to itself.

Peeking up out of the water for only a second to make sure its target was still in place, Dratini dove down and again jumped out of the water at full speed, curling up into a ball once it broke the surface. "DraaaaaaaTINI!!!" it yelled, hitting the surface in a cannonball that sent a wave rushing at Hannah.

"ACK!!" Hannah hollered just before the wall of water struck her, leaving her a dripping mess. "Gah! Stupid rain, stupid tree, stupid pokéball, stupid dratini, stupid everything!" With trained accuracy, she threw a rock out into the water just as the dratini surfaced again.

"Tiii?" it said, looking to see its victim’s reaction, not noticing the rock until it was too late. THWACK! The rock found its mark, hitting the little pokémon on the top of the head. "TiiiiiNI!" it growled, furious. It was preparing to charge the equally furious human when a gyarados and two other BIGGER dratinis overtook it and began pummeling it left and right.

Hannah watched with sympathy, but couldn’t do anything to help. "The poor thing!" One dratini was holding the small green one motionless while the other used a slam attack on it. By the time it was released, the little dratini was covered in bruises and was nearly knocked out. As it attempted to swim weakly away, the gyarados headed it off and began beating it with its powerful tail. With a final swipe, it tossed Dratini clear onto the shore, right at Hannah’s feet.

"Ohhhh! You poor, poor thing!" she said, picking the hurt dratini up.

"Draaaa?" it whimpered, opening its big eyes to look up at her.

"Here… get in the pokéball, and I’ll take you to the pokémon center and get you fixed up, okay?"

"Ti iini…" it nodded as the pokéball opened and captured it. Hannah had no time to celebrate her first catch, but ran straight for the pokémon center as promised.

"Nurse Joy! Nurse Joy!" Hannah called as soon as she got through the sliding doors, running for the front desk.

"What is it?" Nurse Joy asked, startled. She looked down at the out of breath girl dripping rain water on the tile floor.

"I just.. caught this.. wild dratini.. was getting beat up.." she panted, thrusting out the pokéball. "Please help it…"

Joy took the ball. "I’ll do my best!" she declared adamantly and hurried off into the pokémon center’s hospital.

Hannah watched until the doors stopped swinging behind her, then took a seat near the window. "Poor dratini… I didn’t really mean to hit it with that rock…" Looking out into the rain, she wondered if it would’ve gotten away from the other pokémon if she hadn’t beaned it… and sighed. It was its own fault, she tried telling herself, but her inner voice wasn’t all that convincing.

"Here you are!" Nurse Joy said, reappearing with Dratini in her arms. "Dratini is all fixed up, but it should rest for a little while before battling. Rare color in a rare pokémon… that makes this little one twice as special!" Dratini cooed happily, swaying back and forth in Joy’s arms as it was handed over to Hannah.

"And it’s got a sense of humor you wouldn’t believe…" she murmured, rolling her eyes. "Heya, little dratini," she smiled apologetically at it. "I’m sorry I threw that rock at you…"

Dratini looked up at her gratefully and brandished the padded bandage on the top of its head. "Drat!"

"You’re doing okay now?"

"Drat!" it nodded cheerfully.

Hannah smiled. "Good. I’m glad you’re okay." She hugged it gently.

"As for you," Nurse Joy scolded, holding out a towel, "go dry off before you catch a cold!"

The storm let up soon after, and Hannah headed back to the pond, Dratini safe inside the pokéball. The water rippled merrily in the sun that was breaking through the remaining patches of clouds, looking fresher after the deluge. Hannah took in a whiff of the fresh smell the surrounding plants were putting off and grinned. "Well, at least I finally caught a pokémon.. if only for a little while…" She sighed, staring at the pokéball, then held it out in front of her. "Errr.. Dratini, come out…" she said, not sure how to release it. A red beam of energy shot out from the ball onto the shore.

"Tini!" it said as it was unleashed, facing toward the pond. It turned and looked back at Hannah questioningly. "Tii?"

"You’re free… you can go now…"

"NiiiiII?" it whined.

"Go on now… back in the water," Hannah coaxed.

Dratini reluctantly inched into the first foot of the pond, then turned to look back at her again. Seeing the determined yet sad look on her face, it went another few feet in. "Trrii?" it asked, bobbing on the surface.

Biting her lip, the girl waved it out. The little pokémon’s earfans drooped as it went out a little further. It sadly paddled its way out, tears in its eyes. Just before it was going to dive under to find a safe spot, a large seaking lunged at it, horn first, missing by a fraction of an inch. "NIII!" the dratini cried, startled half out of its wits. It bolted for the shore and firmly attached itself to Hannah’s leg.

"Ack!" Hannah said, trying to dislodge Dratini from its wrap-attack. The little green pokémon was shaking in fear. "Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water…" she muttered to herself. "Okay, I won’t make you go back in the pond… you can stay with me if you like, Dratini.."

"Rriiii!" it cried happily and slithered its way up to her shoulder.

"You want to stay up there?" she asked it.

"Drrrrat!" it nodded.

Hannah shrugged and headed for her house, Dratini riding proudly on her shoulder.

Kimmy stared at the odd little creature in front of her and at Hannah in back of it, smiling pridefully. "Uhm… it’s kinda… weird." Dratini looked insulted.

"Neat, isn’t it? Nurse Joy says it’s really, really rare!"

"The coloring’s kinda oddball though.. doesn’t that devalue pokémon?"

Hannah blinked. "No! It couldn’t possibly! It just.. makes them that much rarer… I think…"

The little dratini turned to stare up at her. "Riiii?" it said, tears in its eyes.

"Don’t you worry… I still like you no matter if you’re odd or not," she told it, picking it up for a hug.

"Niiii.." it purred happily, nuzzling against her cheek.

"So," Kimmy said, crossing her arms, "now that you’ve caught a pokémon, what’re you going to do with it?"

Hannah narrowed her eyes at her friend. "What have I been saying I was going to do for the past three years?"

"You’re not seriously thinking of leaving?" Hannah nodded. "You can’t leave! Not with that tiny thing… you’d never get any winning experience!"

Dratini made a disappointed sound as its earfans drooped. "Kimmy! You’re hurting its feelings! And it may be little now, but just you wait! I’ll have the biggest pokémon you’ve ever seen in no time!"

"Tiiiini!" Dratini agreed.

Kim smirked. "Fine then. I challenge you to a battle. Right here, right now. Your dratini versus my rattata and pidgeys."

"Oh come on.. three on one’s no fair…"

"Ye chicken?"

"No but.."

"Then come on!"

Hannah and her new pokémon exchanged glances. "Niii?" it questioned.

"Go on.. we may as well try." She set it down on the grass of Kimmy’s lawn, letting it get into position for battle.

"Pidgey, go!" Kimmy called, tossing out her first pokéball.

"Dratini! Wrap!" Hannah called. Dratini dove at its opponent and coiled around it like a python, squeezing its hardest.

"Pidgey!" the enemy squawked as it shoved its way free.

"Pidgey, gust attack!" Kim hollered.

"Dratini, wrap it again!" Hannah yelled over her.

The bird pokémon struggled to flap its wings, kicking up a vicious wind, but Dratini dodged the gust and again squeezed the pidgey tightly. "Pid.." it said weakly, falling over on one side as it was released.

"Grr.. pidgey, return!" Kim called the bird back into its pokéball, tossing out another one. "Rattata! Go!"

"Dratini! Leer at it!"

"Rattata, tail whip!"

The little mouse slapped Dratini across the nose with its tail, making it cry out in pain. "TIII!!"

"It’s okay, Dratini! Wrap!"

Dratini dove at its target, again trying to bind it in the coils of its long body, but the rattata jumped quickly out of the way.

"Rattata, quick attack!"

"Rrrrrrattata!" The mouse dashed in at Dratini scratching and clawing, then dashed back out before it had a chance to react.

"RiiiiIIIIiiii!" Dratini whined.

Kim smirked. "You give up yet?"

"No way!" Hannah growled at her. "Come on, Dratini! Try to wrap it again!"

"Drattt!" it barked at the rattata, making it jump back. Just as the mouse’s feet hit the ground, the little dragon pokémon was wrapped around it, and with a strong squeeze, rattata fainted.

"That little thing’s stronger than it looks!" Kim said, surprised. "Rattata, come back! Pidgey, I choose you!" Kimmy’s second pidgey sprung out of its ball, awaiting battle.

"Dratini, leer!" Dratini began to stare down the little pidgey, who froze in its tracks.

"Sand attack, now!" Kim called. The bird beat its wings, kicking sand and dust into Dratini’s face. Dratini shook its head, trying to get the stinging dust out of its eyes.

"Oh, that was cheap…"

"..but effective!" finished Kimmy. "Pidgey, gust!" This time, Dratini had no time to dodge the blast of wind that sent it bouncing across the lawn.

"Dratini!" Hannah called, watching it smack into the fence. She ran to check on it. "Are you all right?"

"Niiiiiii.." it groaned, struggling to right itself.

"Can you still fight?"


"You’re sure?"


"All right then!" she smiled. "Show it your wrap attack!"


"Pidgeeerrrrccchhh!!" it choked as it was bound up in layers of the little green pokémon.

Kim decided she’d had enough. "Pidgey, return. Hannah, I surrender." She smiled. "Good match!"

"Thanks," Hannah smiled back, picking up Dratini, who was wiggling up to her feet. "I owe it all to my little oddball," she giggled, hugging it. Dratini cooed happily.

"I’m really proud of you! You were great back there!" Hannah said, turning to meet Dratini’s questioning eyes.

"Ni iiiIIi??" it said.

"Yeah, really! You totally blew Kimmy’s pokémon out of the water!"

"Rriiiii!" it said, straightening itself up proudly. Hannah laughed and continued on her way down the street, Dratini still on her shoulder.

She hadn’t made it halfway down the block when she heard someone call from behind her, "Hey! Wait up! Is that a pokémon on your shoulder??"

Hannah turned to see a boy about her own age running up to her at full tilt. Two of his friends and a pikachu followed at a less urgent pace.

"Yeah!" she said. "First one I ever caught!"

"Great! My name’s Ash Ketchum, and I challenge you to a battle!"

"Hannah Callahan. Nice to meet you. Wow… two in one day… you ready for it, Dratini?"

"NI!" Dratini was pumped full of confidence from its earlier battle and Hannah’s encouragement. It wanted to fight!

The boy smiled, taking out a pokéball. "Squirtle, I choose you!"

The little turtle popped out of the ball and stood ready for its opponent. "Squirtle!"

Hannah’s brow furrowed. "Okay, Dratini, go for it!"

"Tini!" it shouted, jumping down from its shoulder-perch. "Niiiii…" it growled at the squirtle, narrowing its eyes.

The boy’s female companion shook her head. "Ash, you’re never gonna learn… Squirtle’s attacks aren’t going to do any good against that dratini!"

"I know what I’m doing, Misty!" Ash replied angrily. "So stop hanging over my shoulder, would ya?"

"I’m NOT going to stop hanging over your shoulder, Ash Ketchum, until you replace my bike! Hmmph!"

Ash rolled his eyes and turned back toward Hannah. "Squirtle! Tackle attack!" he called. Squirtle ducked into its shell and spun straight toward Dratini.

Hannah gasped, but thought quickly and shouted to her pokémon. "Dratini! Thunderwave! Now!" Dratini concentrated and shot a bolt of electricity through Squirtle. Losing its bearings, Squirtle’s tackle zoomed past Dratini and hit the street surface. It popped up out of its shell looking dizzy and confused.

"Squirtle, return!" Ash exclaimed, drawing the pokémon back into its ball.

"Squirtlesquir?" it said questioningly as it was pulled inside.

Ash pondered for a moment before grabbing his next pokéball. "Bulbasaur, go!" Red energy flared out of the ball and coalesced into Bulbasaur’s form.

"Dratini, leer at it!" Dratini was about to do what it was told, when the battle was interrupted.

"Hold it right there!"

"Huh?" Hannah said, looking up to where the voices had come from.

"Prepare for trouble!" a woman’s voice called.

"Yes, and make it double!" a man’s echoed.

Ash and his friends groaned. "Not Team Rocket again…" the girl whined.

"Shut up and let us finish… she’s never heard it before!" the woman snapped. "To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all people within our nation!" the man echoed again.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love…"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"

Hannah looked around her. "Where’s that coming from?" she pinpointed the source as the yard they had been battling in front of.

The woman, with long, bright red hair and a flashy silver outfit, suddenly leapt up onto the fence, balancing there. "Jessie!"

Her male counterpart, brandishing a freshly plucked rose, also hopped up onto the rail. "James!"

"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth!" yelled a meowth, springing up between them, "That’s riiiiIiiIIiIight!!" Losing its balance from the fancy landing, Meowth grabbed onto the nearest thing to steady itself (which happened to be James), causing them both to topple off the narrow rail and onto the sidewalk in a heap. Jessie, ignoring them, hopped down.

"What do you guys want now?" Ash’s other companion asked.

"You’re not getting Pikachu!" Ash declared adamantly.

Jessie chuckled evilly. "We’re not here for your pikachu today, brat. We’re after the young lady’s dratini."

"WHAT?!?" Hannah burst out with. "WHY?!? This dratini is MINE! I just caught it today!"

"Good, then you’re not attached to it yet," she smiled. "Hand it over."

"Forget it! Go catch your own! There’s some big mean ones in the pond…"

James bounded to his feet, tsking Hannah. "Haven’t you noticed yours is a different color? Pokémon like that are very rare, and very expensive. Our boss would pay top dollar for a beautiful doubly-rare dratini like that one!"

"And we need to get in good with the boss!" Meowth declared, receiving a hard thump on the head from both humans for his troubles. "What’d I say?"

"So," Jessie coaxed, "just hand it over and we’ll be on our way." She gave Hannah the most innocent smile she could manage.

"Dratini is mine and I’m not giving it away! Especially not to losers like you!"

"Yeah, Team Rocket, go catch your own pokémon!" Ash said, backing her up.

Jessie’s smile faded. "All right then, have it your way. If we can’t get it by asking, WE’LL TAKE IT BY FORCE! Arbok, get it!" she yelled, tossing out a pokéball.

James followed suit. "Weezing, go!"

The two larger pokémon loomed over Dratini, who looked up at them with a timid "Ni?" as it tried to back away.

"The little thing doesn’t stand a chance!" James sneered.

"It’s scared stiff!" Jessie declared. "Arbok, wrap it!"

Hannah gasped. "Dratini!" Dratini stared up at its opponent as the huge arbok dove at it. Suddenly it made up its mind to be angry rather than frightened and darted out of the way. The arbok looked confused as its target snapped out of the way, leaving it with a close-up view of the pavement.

Jessie sighed. "Ohhh, not again…" she said, calling it back.

"I’ll get it… Weezing, smog, now!" James called.

"Weezing…" it coughed in compliance, dumping fumes into the air.

Ash bounded up to Hannah’s side, followed by his pikachu. "Pikachu, thundershock!"

"A tag-team!" Meowth gasped.

"So it seems.." Jessie followed.

"What a scream!" James smirked.

"ChUUUUUUU!!" Pikachu yelled, sending electric bolts through the noxious gases and igniting them. Weezing attempted to float backward away from the flames, but was caught up in them, getting scorched to black.

James looked disappointed. "Darn… Weezing didn’t make it either…"

"Desperate times call for desperate measures!" Jessie quipped, running out and grabbing Dratini before anyone could react.

"NIIIIIII!!!" it shouted in panic. Jessie laughed in her victory.

Hannah narrowed her eyes at the red-haired woman. "Dratini, thunder wave.." she said slowly and evenly.

"Niiiiiiii…" Dratini growled malevolently. Jessie stared up at it with a confused look right before she was zapped. Temporarily paralyzed by the unexpected surge of power, she dropped the little pokémon, who wiggled away to safety.

Collapsing, Jessie began to cry. "I give up! It’s just as bad as Pikachu to catch! I want to go home!"

"Oh, come on, Jessie," James crooned, "it isn’t all that bad…"

"Yeah," Meowth offered. "We can try again tomorrow!"

Both were rewarded with a crack over the back of the head with a stick, Jessie hovering angrily over them.

"Not in my neighborhood, you’re not!" Hannah glowered. "Dratini, slam attack!"

"Trriii!!" it replied, winding itself up and then flying full-force into Team Rocket, sending them on a one-way trip out of town.

"Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off agaaaaaiiiiiinn.." they chorused, disappearing over the horizon.

Picking up Dratini to check if it was okay, Hannah looked over to Ash. "Thanks for your help… I’d hate to loose Dratini to idiots like them!"

"Yeah, tell me about it!" Ash chuckled. "Ready to finish that battle?"

"You betcha! Dratini, go!" she set the little green pokémon on the ground. It looked pleadingly up at her. "Go on, let’s finish the fight!"

Meanwhile, Ash sent Pikachu back out into position.

"Tiiinii?" it asked, crawling back to her.

She looked down at it, a bit startled. "What is it?" Dratini just gazed up at her with its big soft eyes. "Hmmm.. I guess we forfeit… it doesn’t want to fight. Sorry," she shrugged.

"That’s okay," Ash smiled. "It looks like it’s had a busy day!" He turned to Misty. "That’s five wins in two days! I win, pay up!"

"You didn’t beat her! Her pokémon wouldn’t fight anymore! That’s not a win!"

"Oh, come on! She surrendered, didn’t she? Brock, you saw it!"

Brock shook his head. "A forfeit isn’t a real win, especially if it’s to protect a weak pokémon."

"Come on! It’s twenty pokédollars! Misty, Brock, please?"

"Pay UP, Ash! And don’t forget about my bike, either!" the girl gloated.

Ash groaned and Hannah giggled as he fished the money out of his pocket and handed it to Misty. "Okay, okay.. you made your point…"

Brock looked up at the half-set sun. "We’d better get to the pokémon center.. it’s gonna get dark pretty quick."

"It’s over that way," Hannah pointed. "Thanks for a great match, Ash! Maybe I’ll see you again sometime! With more pokémon to my name!" she waved, scritching Dratini behind an earfan. Dratini cooed and waved its tail at the party.

"Bye Hannah! See you again sometime!"

"Good luck with Dratini! Bye!" Brock called back over a shoulder.

"Bye! I want a battle too next time!" Misty waved.

Hannah stood and waved at her new friends until they turned the corner toward the pokémon center. She grinned and picked up Dratini, setting it on her shoulder. "Time to go home, little Dratini. We’ve got a long journey ahead of us… and it starts tomorrow!"

"Tini!" it nodded.

Having picked up her new set of pokéballs and pokédex, Hannah tripped merrily along the path, heading into the Orchid Woods. Dratini rode proudly on her shoulders, looking around at the various trees and shrubs they passed. It snapped back forward when Hannah made a sudden stop. A rattata, frozen in place with fear, met Dratini’s gaze. The girl removed her pokémon from her shoulder and set it down, the rattata watching their every move, but making none of its own.

"Dratini, wrap attack!"

"Dratt!" it yipped, squeezing the little mouse into submission. Hannah threw a pokéball at it (right on target!) as soon as Dratini released it. The ball closed around the rattata, rocked back and forth for a second, and locked shut.

"YyyyyYYYYESSS!! I did it!! I did it!! I caught a rattata! Woohoo!!!" Hannah danced around on the path, picking up Dratini and spinning around with it. Dratini cooed and wiggled playfully as its new owner celebrated. "Thank you, Dratini!" she cried, hugging the little green dragon. "We’re a great team, aren’t we?"

"Tini!!" it agreed, resuming its place on her shoulder as the two continued on their long journey.