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Bee!'s Evolution

Well, this site contains plenty of my recent work, including numerous pics of my glorious scrawny self... but I didn't always look like that. In fact, I was quite fat in some of these pics here. I'm so glad I evolved. But everyone has baby pictures to show off, so here are mine.

Believe it or not, I used to have the body of a gryffyn! This pic comes from the very tail end of the gryffyn phase, when my counterpart/creator was in junior high.

My early formation was more like that of an alligator with wings. Kinda like the difference between a Buick and a Lamborghini, yes? Note the transparent wings and ears, and the mid-wing bar.

I learned quickly.. if you can't draw it, hide it behind something. ;)

My firebreathing was also much more agressive way back when, and just went in a general spray in the direction I faced. ;) Well? How was I supposed to know how to aim?

By this point, the artist was in 10th grade. I've lost the forky tongue, thankfully. That thing was hard to talk with! Still got the big chompy teeth though. Are those my baby teeth?

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