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2014 Art Challenge

Art Challenge 2014


You get these things at the beginning of the year: a resolution-type thing that you vow to complete. This one, rather a meme thing, was a challenge to draw a specified thing each day for 30 days. It sounded doable, and a friend of a friend set up a Facebook Group for it. Ace allowed an extra 15 days for the challenge, because we all have those things that come up. For us, the extra time was definitely needed, as we suddenly had to do hospital visits and attend funerals in rapid succession.

I almost made it.

Heading into the last week, I burnt out. 6 drawings in 7 days was doable, right? But I kept putting if off and putting it off, and then the time limit was up. I was the only one who carried on past Day 4, as it was, and I wasn't going to give up the ghost, so I gave myself until the end of January to finish. More procrastination, and I still didn't do more than a couple more drawings. Then Valentine's Day was suddenly upon us, and I wanted to draw a comic for our blog, but more specifically as a surprise card thing for Arno. Toward the end of Feb, I finally said enough is enough, let's git 'er done... and then procrastinated scanning and posting things until a week into March.

So, this is why I seem to have been so quiet on the comic front of late: I've been pushing too hard and burning myself out. I'm afraid I'll have the same problem with Mythicalls; I just won't want to draw anymore if it's WORK rather than for enjoyment. I've drawn two or three whole strips for it since the reboot, and Arno has been trying new things on Photoshop to make panels, so I won't have to spend so much time hand-drawing them... This has now been a bit hindered by the fact that he's got a shiny new computer (or at least, a lot of new components... but really, it was an almost complete rebuild...) and his old Photoshop won't install on it, and he's attempting to re-learn everything he figured out on PS on another program, GIMP. It's been frustrating for him; things go by different names, function differently... Still, hey, it's free, compared to the hundreds of dollars PS likes to charge for their professional software. It's a steep learning curve, though.

Anyway... Have 2 months' worth of art! (Commentary below all the pics)

The Challenge:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10

Day 11
Day 12
Day 14
Day 15

Day 16
Day 17
Day 18
Day 19
Day 20

Day 21
Day 22
Day 23
Day 24
Day 25

Day 26
Day 27
Day 28
Day 29
Day 30


Day 1: a pretty accurate self-portrait. (Maybe not...) At some point, I needed to stop myself from shading everything, 'cause I would have ruined it. Something with the mouth went awry.

Day 2. Favorite animal is, of course, my own, Kayenta.

Day 3. Fav food is green chili soft tacos. Decided there should be a bottle in the background, but made it too short to be a been, and it doesn't look like a hot sauce bottle either, so I just gave up on it. Hard to draw something where all the good part is inside.

Days 4. I realize I missed drawing in part of the street... will try to fix that later. (yeahright...)

Day 5. Here's Countess and I getting our griff on. Day 6. Favorite books... well, some of them. As Danielle says in Ever After, I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens.

Day 7. Fave movie, while still difficult to pin down, was a little easier to manage.

Day 8. Favorite fictional character, Zelgaddis, from Slayers.

Day 9. Fave TV show: The Voice. We get 3 versions here, The Voice of Holland (which was the original, before it was pitched to the US), VoH Kids (aka The Voice: Kids) (do they have the kids version in America??), and The Voice UK. Voice UK is the only one still running atm, and is my favorite of the three right now, mostly due to Sir Tom Jones and Will.i.am. It's a lot of laughs.

Day 10. Favorite candy: Red Vines. I sadly live in a country where only traditional licorice is appreciated. Blech.

Day 11. Turning point in life. And it really was a big one. This was basically as good as a marriage proposal. I think both of us, and all of our parents, were all really freaked out over the whole thing. Moving overseas to live out of wedlock with "some guy I met on the internet" is a big, scary step to take. But, the door was opened for us... it was just a matter of taking that step through it.

Day 12. Latest accomplishment: Getting this far in the drawing challenge!

Day 13. A comic, so I could easily pull double-duty by using this for the blog. Comic prettified by Arno.

Day 14. Favorite fairy tale: I went with the Muppets' Bremen Musicians. I've never liked seeing Muppets characters done in simple drawing style, and I can see why, I think. To simplify all the contours, you lose a lot of the shading and depth. I gave this my best shot, though I was exhausted at the time, trying to get good frames of a low-quality version of the movie on YouTube, and had about had it with the pic from the start. I think I only did T.R. Rooster any justice.

Day 15. Family picture: Me, Arno, and Kayenta. Decided to leave it simple.

Day 16. Inspiration: Edward Gorey, who inspired me through his art and quirky, morbid humor.

Day 17. Fave Plant: Ocotillo. Nothing like the desert in bloom!

Day 18. A doodle. A doodle of a noodle. Shades of What About Bob come back to me.

Day 19. Something new: got this peace lily at Ikea recently. I like spathaphyllia because they flop over if neglected and need water. Very communicative plant, if a bit of a drama queen.

Day 20. Something orange: my pony-sona Desert Rein. Playing with markers; pardon the bleeds. After considering all the Oranje frenzy things in the Netherlands (Who's that mass of orange in the stands? All the fans from the Netherlands! ...that would make a cute little chant somewhere), I thought about Rein and doing her just seemed a lot easier.

21. I want: a 36-hour day. Never have enough time. This'll give me enough time to sleep all I want and then time to get things done before the day is over!

22. I miss: This expresses a number of things that I miss... Del Taco, certainly... Also drive-thrus (Netherlands is very compact... there's not room for drive-thrus within the city generally) and also driving in and of itself, including car music and singing along.

23. I need: PANTS!!

24. A couple: Pulling double-duty for the comic again, but I really like how these silhouettes came out. Also indicative that I didn't finish before New Year's. No Kayenta in the picture? Well, no, she was hiding in the laundry room from the booms.

25. Scenery: I attempted to duplicate a photo of a hogan and the surrounding area for this one. I don't care for it much. I think I got too lazy on fill.

26. Something you hate: Bell peppers.

27. Someone you love: Obvious.

28. Day 28: Anything you want: Arno wanted me to design a flag for his story, "RAR!", so we spent a couple hours designing it together. Tail inspired by Hopi basket designs, was a stroke of brilliance, rather than the curled tail we originally had. I'll be using this later to draw a giant dragon peeking sheepishly around the flag.

29: Somewhere you want to go: Hawaii. And we'll be going in Oct/Nov! Single-line drawing. I used to do these quite frequently, but I've never tried perspective at the same time. This is... meh.

Day 30: Congratulatory banner. Just wanted to get it over with. So burnt out!!

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