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We're off to CONvergence, everybody! And we have no idea what to expect...

Okay, who of our readers does not know what a Gathering of the Gargoyles is? See, Beedoo! and I met through our shared appreciation for Disney's Gargoyles, first aired in 1994. When we got online on the Wild Wild Web (which is what the World Wide Web was called back then. True story!(*)), we both ended up in a chatroom for Gargoyles fans, where some of the most fun and hilarious times I can remember took place. The Gargoyles fans did not stick to the online world; no, in 1997 the first Gathering of the Gargoyles was held, a real-life gathering of fans, in New York. Since then, it was held every year. In, I believe, 1999, Beedoo! and her friends Countess and Jade Griffin took a road trip to Dallas, Texas to attend the one being organised that year. She even made a comic about it ("Ship of fools, car of idiots"). Me, I came for the first time in 2001, after having been convinced by our friend Jessie that I was indeed someone people would like to see (she started an online petition). And thus that year we met for the first time, and every year since then.

In 2005 we (Beedoo! and I) kissed, for the first time, in Las Vegas, at the Gathering that year.

All things end, though. Interest waned, it was a pain to organize, and in 2009 the last Gathering was held - the first one that I missed since 2001. So... What's the point of all this then? Well, this year is the 20th anniversary of Disney's Gargoyles, and a large fantasy convention called CONVergence decided to pay attention and tribute. They booked one of the producers of Gargoyles, who got on the internets and told us fans: "Hey, why not all come to CONvergence and have ourselves a mini-Gathering?"

And Beedoo! and I looked at each other and said: "Crap. We have to go there..." And now our honeymoon plans are complicated because we're going to a fantasy con in the middle of summer over the July 4th weekend. And we have no idea what to expect.

Sadly, we are the only ones of our regular group who ended up being able to make it. Babies, ailing family members, finances (especially with coming to out wedding), they all play a part when you're our age. But we'll be meeting other people we're familiar with. Kael, a local, will be picking us up from the airport, which I appreciate immensely. And I expect to see other old names. Maybe they'll even talk to me. Or recognise me. Or not pull my underwear over my ears.

Whatever the case, I intend to have a good time. After all, we've still got each other, right? We might even kiss again. Ooooh... :)

(*) - False

This dragon plays Mime-craft Counter to what Arno says above, no, this isn't our honeymoon. That's happening in October or November, still. But yes, we are going to Minnapolis as the only representatives of the Arcadia Clan. Not even clan mascot Riptide is coming, as we need the suitcase space to clean out my house in AZ, which my parents are planning to sell once our now-engaged renter is out. (Congratulations, Keith!) I'm of course miffed about losing "my" house (technically my granmother's, where I spent a lot of time as a kid, as it's just across the street from my parents'), but it doesn't do us any good to have something we have to continually pay property taxes on, have my parents do maintenance on it, etc. But, I ramble...

We've never been to a non-specified sci-fi/fantasy con like CONvergence before. As Arno mentioned, we've been to the Gargoyles Gatherings year after year, and missed the last one to opt instead on going to North American Discworld Con, which was going on in Phoenix--a sight closer than Cali, and with writer Sir Terry Pratchett in waning health, we had to strike while the iron was hot. (Very hot, since it was Phoenix in the summer and all....) So we're a little inexperienced with massive conventions like this, and we don't know what we're going to do without our usual fellows. Also, the sheer masses of participants are going to be overwhelming; Gathering topped out around 200 heads, and CONvergence looks to have about 1200. Dear God, what are we getting ourselves into?? I'm rather assuming there will be some Bronies in the crowd to hang out with... I will be "stealth-cosplaying," wearing my embroidered cactus cutie-mark on my back pockets, but no further costuming. I'm either sneaky, brilliant, or lazy.

Getting to Arizona after the con is what I'm looking forward to more, actually. We're meeting our friend Scott for dinner the afternoon we come in, having massages, taking the train from Williams to the Grand Canyon for a day(no spoilers, anyone... Arno seems to think this is something like public transport! *eyeroll* ), then meeting up with Andaroo to hang out in Flag and Prescott. And going hiking, somewhere in there. Fun shall be had! Huzzah!

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