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Everything is awesome!
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The above comic is a transparant lie. You know what we did on Valentine's Day? Well, I stayed late at work, for one thing. When I came home, Beedoo! had made this comic, which I thought was wonderful. That's my dragon, that is. You can all get your own. It's not actually a lie, though, because we pragmatically decided to move Valentine's Day to the next day, a Saturday. And we indeed had a fantastic day.

At the beginning of the week, Beedoo! pointed out Valentine's Day was coming (Ah!), and helpfully suggested that we go eat at Shabu Shabu, the Japanese place where she can eat herself into a sushi stupor. Let me go on a tangent for a moment here: my wife, whom I prefer to call my girlfriend still, knows me and loves me. She knows that I am not good with special days. But she also knows that I want to do my part to make her happy. So, she gently reminds me that Valentine's Day is coming up, presents me with a way to make her happy, and basically takes that burden off my shoulders for me. And that is one reason why I love her; not just her sense of humour, her creativity and the backrubs (Mmmm... Backrubs...), but also because she understands my limitations and my good intentions, and doesn't pin me down on rituals that I have no hope of following correctly. That she is also a people devouring monster only proves that nobody is quite perfect... :)

So anyway, first we went to Shabu Shabu, where we talked too much about the story I'm writing, but also about her own creativity. I have a high opinion of her ability to make and do fun and good things, and wish I could take that opinion and insert it into her brain. In the mean time, we ate well and then we went home, walked the dog, and went the see The Lego Movie.

Okay, rewind a bit... Not too long ago we sat in the cinema waiting for the movie to start, and this trailer is shown for something called The Lego Movie. It looked pretty terrible. It went kind of like this: "Batman, Batman, Batman, haha, the main character is an irreverent idiot... Batman!"

Now, rewind a bit further, say, 28 years or so (ouch...). Little Arno is playing with his favourite toys ever: Lego. Space Lego, to be precise. It was my world. It was the most important thing to me. I loved my Lego, and it's a fondness I have never quite lost. So here I am, watching this trailer about some dumb movie they made with Lego, and I am annoyed. If they were going to make something out of my childhood memories, they could at least have tried to make it good.

But last week I was reading a favourite gaming website, where the writier is reviewing The Lego Movie Videogame. And he starts by saying how much he loved the movie. And the comments section joins in with the accolades, and so... I wanted to see it. And Beedoo! acquiesced, despite her fanatical dislike of Will Farrell. And here is my opinion:

It was fantastic.

Let me start by saying that whoever made that trailer should burn in a low intensity fire. My childhood self was tickled pink with purple polkadots by what he saw on that screen. I thought it was funny, colourful, clever, and awesome. Even if they did make fun of Space Lego - they certainly made up for that in the end. SPACESHIP!!!

Best day ever? Hmmm... Possibly. Certainly a contender. Beedoo!, I love you. Thanks for going to the movie with me and braving the Farrell that is Will AND missing The Voice UK at the same time.

Everything was awesome! :)



(P.S.: we also both got some very nice cards from my nieces, aged 4 and 1, about what a great uncle and aunt we are. Amazing that they can send cards all by themselves like that and write some very, very nice words into them without any involvement of their parents, no? ;) )

SPACESHIP!!! Pic above, it's really hard to make lip-prints on your hubby when you don't have lips.

We had a great post-Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day, like other American-type holidays, isn't really paid attention to over here... I saw no Valentines candy in the stores (not that I was really looking, but the displays already have Easter candy out, and it feels like we jumped far ahead in the year.

Girls, if you want your husband to do something nice for you, lay the groundwork for him. Arno does not have the mind for menial little things like "special" dates... Heck, he does programming all day; there's no more room in there for complicated multitasking like remembering birthdays and American holidays. So I can't fault him for that. He works hard. SOOOooo, suggestions are on me. And usually, unless I've forgotten something important that he reminds ME of, or it involves zucchini, Arno's usually up for whatever I come up with. And that's how our relationship works. :)

Arno's said about everything that can be said about the Lego Movie. And everything is awesome.

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