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Best wishes to all!
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BOOM! HAPPY NEW YEAR! AGAIN! Are we late or anything?

And so we explode into the new year! Action packed, non-stop, no concessions, thrills and spills... So yeah, it's been a while since you all heard from us. So have we been busy? Well, yeah. Beedoo! has been doing her art challenge for one thing. For me, work has been extra busy. A big deadline coming up, overtime, all that...

Everybody is busy these days. My grandmother passed away in December, and my mom and dad have been busy helping taking care of her in the years before that, and of her business now. MAui and Chris had their baby. Go MAui and Chris! Beedoo! and I are well and properly married, we'll be going to CONvergence this summer and we hope to have our honeymoon this year. On top of that, I'm still working on that story I'm writing, and we're hoping to work on an extra project of sorts.

Beedoo! drew this comic as part of the art challenge thing: silhouette of a couple. The couple to the right are my parents. The couple to the left is some pair of dragons or lizards or something, I don't know. She did a pretty good job with cleaning up the silhouettes after scanning the drawing, since the penciling is actually very reflective*, which shows up horribly in the scan. I'm not sure how she actually did it. I should find that out; I've been learning a few tricks myself...

So what's your year going to be like? :)

*B!: Actually, if I do a dark pencil-fill, it tends to make the paper warp, and that's where the reflection comes from in the scans...

The above dragon forgot to put in a funny comment here! Oh noes! Happy New Year, everyone! We had a good one. Tom and Joke came to our apartment to celebrate New Year's Eve with us... it was decided that this would be the best place for the dog. You can see that Kayenta is not present in the above picture; she was hiding in the laundry room. This is pretty typical... every time the Netherlands explodes, she either hides under the bed or in the laundry room. She did a bit better with her cowardice this year, mostly just laying on her rug (moved in there for her comfort), though at some point I came in to check on her, and she was sitting, her butt teetering on top of a 5-lb bag of dog chow in the backmost corner of the room.

Someone in Pony Central, the My Little Pony forum I frequent, declared that his New Year's Resolutions were "to be a lazy fuck as ever, put on more weight, play games,... hate myself, sleep for stupid amounts of time." Now, these are the kind of resolutions I can get behind! Especially since you're traditionally going to break your resolutions... that'd mean actual progress for the year!

I made a pot of black-eyed peas with green chile and ham for the New Year in the Crock-pot, a family tradition. Black-eyed peas and lentils (and probably some other beans, I dunno) are considered lucky and represent prosperity, since they resemble coins. Arno and I couldn't finish the pot I'd made, so we brought the rest to Joke (knowing Tom wouldn't eat any...) and she passed it around to Simone and Gio and the kids, and her neighbor, Loes. Simone couldn't stand them (probably owing to the hideous gray color they turned), but the rest thought they were pretty good, and Loes really liked them. I don't think this will become a fixture around here, but I DO have to at least find something to do with the other half-bag of black-eyed peas. :P

Re: the art challenge: Well, I'm getting there... almost done! I flaked out on the last seven days of the actual challenge (which ended on Jan 16), but am trying to get everything done by the end of January. At present, I'm 5 away from being done. I get this way when I draw a lot... I burn out quickly and would just rather be doing something else at that point. It stops being fun and starts being a job... which is also why it's so difficult for me to get Mythicalls going in any regular fashion: burnout.

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