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Just as our cards, this comic is late, but nevertheless sincere. We wish everybody joy and love in the coming year. These are the days that are supposed to focus our attention on that, so we'll remember for the next 360 days or so.

Beedoo! has been a busy dragon; yesterday and the day before she spent some 6 or 7 hours making a big and lovely dinner for us. She's still keeping up with her art challenge; in fact, she cheated a bit, since one challenge was: "make a comic". See above!

For the next year we'll have a whole bunch of art challenge stuff to show, as well as something else, should I manage to do my part right. Stay tuned, fans! ;)

Happy new year!

This dragon is having a merry Christmas (and you can't have any of it!) Indeed, a Merry Christmas to one and all. We're not getting this out until late on the 26th, which is technically still Christmas here, but it's a little late for the rest of you. I hope you had a good one.

As Arno said, I made a LOT of food. And then we had two days of EATING a lot of food. Due to birthday gourmetten plans, I didn't get to make anything Thanksgivingy for us... so Christmas dinner it was! And since there were already plans to do gourmetten AGAIN for the second day of Christmas, the first day of Christmas it was! (I think we're also doing something or other for New Year's... oy.) For two people, I really did make way too much food... but then, some of these recipes, especially ones requiring a pre-made full jar or can of ingredient, can't effectively be halved... nor do we have the correct-sized dishes to cook them in! So that meant full batches of green bean casserole and potatoes au gratin, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and candied yams. I was able to do a half-batch of stuffing, and threw that and four turkey breasts in the crock-pot. Made a half batch of Papoo's rice dressing as well, but for whatever reason, the basmati rice I used seemed to dry out and shrink when heated/mixed with oil. I added another couple cups of cooked rice to it, only to have the same thing happen again after a couple hours. *shrug* Mystery. Next time, I'll try to use plain old white rice. I also threw a couple slices of ham in a frying pan and whipped up some gravy at the last minute. We had bought croissants, but, as the 'tradition' seems to go, I forgot to make them. Not that they were needed!

Simone said to me today, "That must've been a lot of stress and a lot of work!" I said to her, well, a lot of work, yes, but stress, surprisingly, no. I was quite proud of my kitchen multitasking skills. One thing was in the oven while I was making another, and when that was waiting to go in, I was washing pots and pans (which, if left to the dishwasher, just create a bottleneck, since I can get maybe two in per load). I had to make a short run to the store on Tuesday for a few things I'd forgotten, but aside of that, we hadn't forgotten to get anything essential and had everything on hand and ready to go. This is a rare occurrence!

It was all very yummy. We have surprisingly few leftovers, considering all I made.

"Keeping up" with the art challenge is not entirely accurate, as I'm at least 10 days behind schedule on it now... as it turns out, attempting a 30-day art challenge in the busiest month of the year is a stupid, stupid idea, even if you can finish in mid-January. This is especially hard here in Dutchmanland, where Dec 5 is a holiday (Sinterklaas), and so is Dec 26 (as I mentioned, 2nd day of Christmas), and amidst all this chaos, Arno's grandmother passed away. I'm not even counting my birthday on Dec 1, since we didn't officially start the art project until Dec 2. But anyway, I'm at least 11 days behind schedule. Sigh.

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