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Flee before us!
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So, we did it! We got married, again, in front of a whole lot of family and friends - or strangers, depending on who's view you take. ;)

We dumped the dog on my parents, went over to America, got married (again), hung out with our friends, went to Las Vegas, got sick, got back, wrote Thank You cards, came back and are currently enjoying out well-earned jetlags. Flobble.

Over the course of the next batch of comics we will be all over the wedding and everything surrounding it. For now we just wanted to let you hear a peep (*) from us. I'm sure there will be pictures, as soon as we get them. Personally, I am grateful for the kindness of strangers/family, for our mutual friends for showing up, and for everything not exploding in our face. ;)

Beedoo! worked very hard on this wedding, as did her mother, doing all the stuff that required presence. Not everything went according to plan. She will tell you about that, I am sure. But I want to say upfront that I am impressed that an organisation of this size went as well as it did. Everybody seemed to have a good time, all the important elements were in place, and all I had to do was walk down that aisle, wait, listen and speak.

So now we continue our adventure. I hope Beedoo! has some good ideas going in! :)

(*) PEEP!

The more I look back at the wedding, the more I just see things that went wrong all over the place... but that's because I planned everything, and various things fell through the cracks. But most of the attendees didn't see the train-wreck everything turned into behind the scenes. I did throw everything I had at this "project," but weddings are unpredictable as the weather, which was nothing but rainy--HEAVILY rainy--the whole week, except the Sunday afterward (thankfully, because that was the day we all were going to the Fair!). That, and I'm bad at ordering people to do stuff, and sometimes just bad at making sure the entirety of information gets to the right people. Much of this slack was picked up by Nancy from the caterer, Simply Delicious, so a big thank you goes out to her!

My biggest disappointment was the cake. Everyone thought it was extremely good... and it was, but for $2,000, you would think I would get the custom cake that I asked for, right? You see sketches from my original ideas above and below. This was way too much carving and detail for the cake artist to handle, certainly not within my budget. So I came up with another idea, of Arno-dragon having made a botched landing into the side of the cake, as you see in these pics. Well, Donna Joy tried, but she didn't GET it. It's like she never even looked at any of the pictures she requested from me, including patterns of scales for texture. There was no texture on these figures, only wrinkles in the fondant. So instead of Beedoo! looking down at Arno in shock, I got a very wide green dragon in a wedding dress with a frill like a triceratops, with a miniscule red eye, and a very long, skinny, likewise green dragon wound around the side of the cake. I ask you, does this resemble Arno at all? And I'll answer for you: NO, it does not. No pink icing swoops, no silver BBs that I'd wanted. Very few of the sugar flowers she's so proud of making. It just came out looking very bland. I know it's a lot of detail to ask for, I know it's hard to get black fondant or that it doesn't taste good, but none of these changes were even mentioned to me, and that's what pisses me off about it the most. 3/10, would not cake again. I'm sort of glad that the giant portrait got placed nowhere near the cake, so no one could see the comparison.

More wedding fiasco rant later.

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