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Save us from our loneliness!
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That's right! Beedoo! and I are no longer together. My wife left me. She left me, in fact, to get married in America. Woe is me! On the bright side, she plans to marry me, so I guess it all works out.

We've talked about our convoluted wedding plans before: Dutch wedding, American wedding, Las Vegas. Beedoo! has been doing most of the planning for this second wedding, and on the advice of our good friend Bremusa who we don't hear enough from!!!, she left for America well in advance, in order to personally organize things. This means that she has left me to fend for myself, until I follow in her tracks next weekend, and we will be joined together - just like Voltron!

It's not so bad, really. I've been alone for a long time, I know how this works. It does seem odd, though: when I stack plates on the counter they don't move to the dishwasher, and I actually run out. The laundry baskets overflow, but nothing happens. I think Beedoo! broke something before she left; I need to talk with her about that.

Mostly, my tale is boring. I go to work, I come home, I pick up the dog from my parents (a good time to teach them how to give the dog her insuline), I futz about and I go to bed. No, the real excitement is happening in Flagstaff. So, without further ado, I give you... The Tale of Beedoo! - Dragon On A Mission!

This dragon doesn't actually have a mission All in all, I'm glad I have the extra time from coming a week early... I'm getting a lot done, though maybe not entirely as planned. A lot of it has still been email coordination, and a little pointless running around... took my dress by the cleaners, only to find out they only do wedding dressed by appointment, so that's not happening until next Monday... tried to pin down the caterer while we were lunching at her restaurant yesterday, and ended up making an appointment with her instead. I'm due to meet the organist this morning to go over the music, because there was some confusion there.

My mom and I went out to buy the liquor yesterday... for a midday reception, and for a group that's not really big on alcohol, I think we were a bit heavy-handed with it... we were instructed to buy a bit much. We've got red, white, and blush wines, champagne, and two types of beer... all of which I know nothing about, so if they suck, sorry. I tried to get recommendations from the caterer, but Sam's Club didn't had only one of the wines she recommended. (This is what happens when people who don't drink pick the booze... my mom and I have a bad tendency to go by the picture on the bottle more than taste or profile or whatever. ;p ) On top of this, my dad wants to be a good host at the post-wedding barbecue, and gave us an extensive list of MORE beer and several types of hard liquor to buy... and thus we learned that if you buy more than x amount of booze at Sam's Club, it kicks the whole order out of the system. Oops... we broke it! He also wanted us to get lots of meats for the grill... I pointed out to Dad, "You know that you're throwing a barbecue for a bunch of people who are already full from a wedding buffet, right??" I may be eating hamburgers and brats for the rest of my time in town.

Meanwhile, I'm going out to dinner with my matron of honor tonight, and then we'll be putting together roughly 100 favor boxes. I'd intended this to be something for all the wedding party (and other extraneous Arcadians and hangers-on) to do during our decoration prep time... but as my mom tells me, it's better to get anything you can get done early done. The mother of one of my bridesmaids (who's incidentally using the same caterer... we're hitting her from both sides!) was telling me yesterday that her daughter was having problems with the invitations... she was using a company run by a friend of her fiance', and even though they went through several proofs, there were a number of obvious mistakes on the invitations... things that, had they been run through a simple spell-check, would have been caught... things like "pleave" on the final draft (especially embarrassing since my friend is an editor!) On top of that, she'd wanted an intricate cut card, and now it's too late to get that and have them mailed out on time! >.< So that sucks for her... I knew I should have told her to do everything she could early! My bad on that. (I'm one to talk, I guess... I just ordered updated menu cards yesterday to update the alcohol list, and am waiting with bated breath for them to arrive... hope they get here on time!)

On top of this stuff, I've been trying to coordinate people finding hotels, travel arrangements, and preparing to go on a little extraneous side trip to Vegas after the festivities. Much 'Ack!' involved!

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