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As most of you know, Beedoo! and I met in the fandom for the Disney animated show called Gargoyles. It was a great show; colourful yet dark, with character development, continuity and action. For a while Disney seemed quite happy with it, but then internal management change happened and, well... Things went downhill fast from there. After the disasterous third season, produced by different people, under great time and budget constraints, the show was over.

But the fandom remained for quite some time after. They banded together on the internet, they gathered in conventions called Gatherings, they were fun times. But as much as the people were (mostly) fun, the show itself was an exercize in frustration: They released season 1 on DVD, then the first half of season 2, and then decided to stop. A Gargoyles comic was launched, written by the producer and managed by a small comics publisher for a reduced fee to Disney, until somebody at Disney figured that they could ask for a lot more, and that was the end of the comic. The Gatherings waned in popularity; the last one was held in 2009. We entered the dark ages...

BUT! This year saw the arrival of unexpected news. First: the release of the second half of season 2 on DVD! Second: a 20 year anniversary mini-Gathering as part of a con called ConVergence in 2014. Hurrah! Of course, Disney is involved with the DVD, and thus our joy had to be tempered. News came soon: you can only buy the DVDs through the Disney Movie Club.

Now, what is the Disney Movie Club? It's simple. The Disney Movie Club is a thing you can join where Disney constantly tries to take your money and you have to slap their hand before they get it. Well, sort of. Actually, the idea is that you join the club and then you can buy Disney movies. You can also buy them in the store, but then you wouldn't be part of the club. If you're part of the club, you get discounts, that is, at the time you join the club. It goes like this:

When you join the Disney movie club you commit to buying 5 titles within the next two years. By joining the club you can buy four titles right away for $1 plus shipping! These four don't count towards your five, though, and do not include the sought-after Gargoyles DVDs. You can also buy two more DVD's at various different discount rates if you buy them at the same time as the four DVDs that are $1. Now, once you have done this, you are a member of the Disney Movie Club, and you are eligible to receive a monthly offer for a DVD which you will automatically buy unless you tell them you don't want it within the next ten days - or, you tell them you want a different one. These do count towards your pledge of buying five DVDs. You can also buy DVDs off of their website, now from the full complement, where, at least for us, there was a special offer where the first DVD costs the normal amount, but the second is at a discount. It turns out the third and fourth are also at a discount, so that is good when you buy loads of Gargoyles DVDs except wait! You cannot buy more than three of the same DVDs at the same time, or, indeed, in the course of your lifetime. All these rules are of course only valid on Thursday through Tuesday with the exclusion of Saturday between 2AM and 6AM, at which time the website is temporarily replaced by a portal to the nether regions of hell, from which the screams of the damned fill your home (which, alas, does not count towards your five DVD pledge). Failure to buy five DVDs in two years carries an unknown penalty, but knowing Disney you'll probably be boxed up and stored next to the Ark of the Covenant.

Whew. Well, so, Beedoo! and I joined. We had the notion that we could at least afford the financial risk and confusion involved, and help out people who can't or won't join the Disney Movie Club in getting a copy of their beloved series. But wait, did I not just type that you can only buy three of the same DVDs in your lifetime? Why, yes, I did. We got six. But now they seem to be on to us and are cancelling further orders, but WORRY NOT, BRAVE INTERNET, because Disney Movie Club also has an E-BAY STORE! We have been using this to fill out the rest of our order.

(The Disney eBay Store currently seems to be missing, and may have been lost when reality collapsed in on itself during the last Disney Movie Club rule amendment. We apologise for the inconveniece.)

Anyway, joining the Disney Movie Club is a rewarding experience, very easy and convenient especially if you are tired of such hassles as having control over your money or deciding what you want on your own. A+++++++!!! (Please Mister Disney, may I leave now? Please?)

Mostly we look to be poised to become the European distribution center for the Gargoyles DVDs of the second half of season 2. Once we are done getting married again, we will take them all home in our suit case, and send them to Europeans known and previously unknown to us, at cost. The rest we will send to Americans who asked us to, again at cost. We simply want to help out our fellow fans who have had to hold out for so long only to see the things just out of their reach, and seeing as we have little else coming up that requires our attention, this seemed like the way to go. :)

I wonder if we remembered to get one for ourselves...

The Dragon Disney DVD Distrubution Center!
"We may not eat you."

This dragon entered a non-Euclidian geometry and is currently stuck on the intersection of parallel lines. Ugh, that blackboard was a lot of work to fill! My hand is still kinda achy from it! Why is Beedoo! explaining math to our certified mathematician dragon? Well, she can follow the chaos easier than his logical mind can. ;p When I signed us up for DMC, I was trying to explain all the ins and outs to Arno during our evening dog walk, and he had a hard time latching on to what I was saying, about $1 DVDs, plus a 5th at $14.99, plus a 6th at $6.99... then 5 at $20 over the next 2 years, minus 25% off on everything else in the order... perfectly simple if you have it all in front of you, but less so just hearing it.

So why did we join this monster? Well, at the time, we thought we could snag all the DVDs we needed, in order to send them to people outside the US... the DMC and Disney eBay store (seller: welovemovies) only ship within the US. I can kind of see the reasoning behind this, copyrights and so on have to fit the law of the country), but at the same time, it's just one of several dick moves Disney and DMC have thrown at us. For one thing, the limit of 3 copies of any one title EVER is extremely harsh. (We were, it seems, very lucky to have gotten a second order of three past them... the third and fourth were just cancelled.) Yes, they're selling it as an exclusive, and I think they're doing it to force people to join DMC or buy at full price (no extra discounts except some promotional free shipping deal) via the eBay shop. They're doing this to avoid resellers, I think, but what it's really doing is driving the price of scalped DVDs sky-high. In trying to re-find the eBay shop by searching for Gargoyles Season 2, volume 2, I ran across copies being sold or auctioned for as much as $80! For reference, we got ours at $19.95, and subsequent DVDs in our order were discounted 25%. The ones we got off the eBay shop were $21.95 each. (The reason I couldn't find them, turns out, is that they seem to be sold out of S2v2 for the moment.)

Anyway, why did we join? Basically, to get DVDs to all the people overseas who wouldn't have the opportunity to get the DVD set at a fair price (plus there were a number of movies on their list that I wanted, as I'm still trying to acquire DVDs of all the VHS things I still have). We're doing this because we can afford to, where others couldn't bear the financial burden of a $100 commitment (and this is before we knew about the eBay shop). On top of that, we have not only the money to do this, but the intercontinental resources to do so; everything gets sent to my parents' house, and I'll be coming to empty their house of all my online purchases soon. *l* This also gives us the added advantage of not having to pay cross-continental mail fees. As Arno mentioned, we're acting as international distributers, and we're doing it because we love our fandom. We've acquired 12 sets so far: 3 of these are gifts; 3 will get shipped while I'm in America, the rest are coming back to Europe with us in our suitcases; then there are 2 going to the UK, 4 to Germany, 1 to Norway, and 1 to Australia. And one for ourselves, of course.

Are we turning a profit on this? Absolutely not. We (I should say I, since I'm doing all the work; Arno's providing the funds, as usual) are distributing the savings we got from the DMC discounts, averaging out the cost of shipping, and trying to calculate the exact amount for postage and bubble mailers so we can give everyone the exact amount they owe us and not a cent more. We've made a lot of the international Gargoyles fans go squee for providing this service; one even heralded us as "heroes of the international Gargoyles community!" That was one of those moments that makes all the trouble worth it. :)

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