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So Beedoo! has been busy planning her wedding...

But wait, noble dragon, I hear you say. Did you not already marry her recently? Why, yes I did. Then, I hear you ask, who is she marrying this time? To which I avunvularly reply: why, me of course!

Of course, I'm pretty sure we explained this earlier. Our wedding wass a prolongued two-stage campaign, which follows the following steps:

  1. Get married for the state in The Netherlands
  2. Marry in church in Flagstaff

Now, at this second wedding there will be relatives and friends of Beedoo!'s, but most importantly, to me, there will also be a good number of people from our online circle. This is important to me, and I much appreciate it. These are the people among whom we met, after all, and we plan to spend our time with them when the whole thing is over, do stuff around Flagstaff, show them Beedoo!'s home.

One of them is MAui, who got married rather lavishly some time ago. She and her husband (and her--B!: Wait, Arno! I don't know if we're allowed to broadcast that!!) will be going to Las Vegas afterwards, and she made us a suggestion that we are now working into our plans to make them even more bizare to the casual observer. Now they go like so:

  1. Get married for the state in The Netherlands
  2. Marry in church in Flagstaff
  3. Go to Las Vegas

But who is organising all this? Who is synchronising with our friends, arranging Las Vegas stuff, and planning the wedding all at the same time? Well... That would be Beedoo!, of course. You see, I have all the organisational skills of a drunk cat. My mind shuts down at the very thought of arranging things. On top of that, I still have my work to worry about ("You're done when you said you'd be done?! But we said that you'd be done when we said you'd be done. This is costing us a fortune! How could this have happened? Quick, everyone run in a circle!"), so I tend to leave all the picking out of things, the deciding on things, the communicating of things, to Beedoo!. It's probably better that way - I'd just get in the way. But nearly everything you will see will be Beedoo!'s idea and work. Me, I just paid for it. :)

Fortunately, she's not completely on her own. The dragon on the right of the picture is Beedoo!'s mom, who by now must have prepared and sent over 200 Save The Date's and invitations on our behalf, and who is our local coordinator. Thank goodness she took care of that! Or maybe "Thank you" is the better expression. :)

And on top of that exciting things are happening in the Gargoyles fandom. Next year there will be another Gathering of sorts (must go!), and this year Disney finally released the second half of season 2 on DVD. This means that Beedoo! is now trying to be a distribution point for European Gargoyles fans who want the DVD but aren't American enough to get it. The way it's done is kind of odd. But since we may do a seperate comic about that, I'll leave it at that for now.

Beedoo! is a busy little dragon right now. But maybe it's for the best. What can be more dangerous than an idle dragon, after all? ;)

This dragon will get RIGHT back to you! This was a little easier early on... now that we're getting down to brass tacks, though, things are spinning out of my control, and my mom is having to handle more and more. Mom is taking care of all the mailings, in and out, renting tables, coordinating with the church and the caterer, getting deposits to the photographer and baker, and dealing with the whole Museum fiasco. (Did I mention the Museum before? I'll recap, if I didn't. We were looking at the Museum of Northern Arizona as a reception venue, thought we were all good, until they notified me that the contract I had signed was an old one, and the new one they sent me to sign only allowed alcohol to be handled by bartenders of their hiring, for roughly double what I would pay for beverages, and wouldn't do anything the caterer and I had already planned for. Despite their claim that they would try to find a way to work with the caterer, I just didn't trust that they wouldn't pull this bait-and-switch shit again, and dropped them.) Not to mention, I've probably put her in an awkward situation, getting married at a church that she was actively part of for decades, until the bishop insulted her to her face. ("You have to understand, your position on gay marriage is an embarrassment to us.") Bridges were burned. Now I come along and go, ya know, I was part of this community all my life and grew up in this church, and this is where I've always wanted my wedding. Leave it to me to make things complicated. So, yeah, sorry, Mom.

Besides this, my parents' house is the drop point for everything I order online, wedding or otherwise. I think they've got a room full of stuff I've ordered, from a metal Dance Dance Revolution pad to a birdcage card "wishing well". T-shirts. A pair of fancy knives. Gifts for the bridesmaids. And--wedding spoiler--96 wax moustaches. Everything is mailed to Mom.

The wedding has been planned to be on a Victorian theme... kinda. I've always wanted a dress with a high Victorian-style collar. Well, I can't be the only one looking old fashioned... the wedding party will have to dress the part too, with vests and spats and dresses and hats... Screw it, everyone who wants to have fun and dress up, let's do it! So there's that. Then there's the circussy theme more or less layed out by our invitations, because we found a whole matching set on Zazzle, and, well, it was easy to run with. (Maybe a little too easy... you'll see later.) Then there's the more understated dragon theme... which I doubt any of my relations will understand... So it's a chaotic mishmash of stuff. o.0 But then, would you expect anything else from me?

Pardon me now, I have to go see if anyone makes knock-off personalized M&Ms...

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