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This dragon got married to someone! And it was Arno, in case you had to guess...

So, yes. On June 5, 2013, we got married! Given the long lead-up, I doubt anyone is all that surprised. We got around to it eventually.

My parents insisted on being at the civil ceremony in the Netherlands, even though we insisted that they didn't have to be. They took a short vacation to the Netherlands (only a week this time), during which we visited the Dolhuis ("the crazyhouse," a former asylum), the Van Gogh museum, the MC Escher Museum (which was fantastic), and had a pair of tours of the Parliament building, the Binnenhof. And in the midst of all that fun, we also got married.

You know my sense of perspective is off when I see the highlight of my week as getting to eat myself crazy at Shabu Shabu (all you can eat sushi/Japanese cuisine) rather than the wedding the day after. ;p It may be because the following morning, the morning of the wedding, everyone who was supposed to help me get ready abandoned me, except, of course, for the hairdresser, who showed up an hour earlier than planned. We're not sure how this happened, as Joke and I had agreed with her a couple weeks beforehand when I had a trial-styling that she was to be at the house at 10:30. Arno had gone to meet up with his mom at her house by bike. My parents were supposed to come to the house at around 10. The stylist rang the bell at 9:40... I was sitting in my corset, which thankfully Arno had helped me put on before he left, but had to jump into my petticoat skirts so I wouldn't open the door half naked. I was kind of kicking myself later that I didn't think to offer her coffee... I was too frazzled to think of it at the time, and it's not really something I'm in the habit of doing. (Here, it's more customary to expect refreshments anywhere you visit.) On top of that, I had tried to pull on a pair of stockings that the dressmaker had included for me. Unfortunately, not knowing how high they were supposed to go or stay, I pulled too hard and busted it on the first try. Dammit.

The wedding was short, and small (only a few relatives and neighbors were invited), but we amused ourselves with it. Arno's niece, Lois, was our flower girl. She did a very good job sitting by me and hanging onto the basket of sweet peas and lavender stock we handed her. (I also ordered way more flowers than I needed for this, but oh well... house smelled wonderful for the week!) The civil servant who handled the marriage said everything and explained the procedure in both Dutch and English, for my parents' benefit. It basically came down to saying that we were devoted to each other, having Arno put the ring on my finger, kissing, signing the official documents (and having my parents and Arno's sister and father sign as witnesses), and then congratulating each other and going out into the courtyard for pictures.

Later in the afternoon, we all met up at De Zoete Inval (the Sweet Impression) for the reception dinner. This was at Joke's suggestion... I didn't really know of anyplace suitable for a reception, and she figured we could all eat what we wanted, ala carte. I wasn't impressed with my food, unfortunately... the noodles I ordered were 90% bell peppers. The mixed grill was nothing special. The crème brulee was yummy though, and Arno and I were brought a pair of fireworks stuck into a mound of whipped cream at dessert. Looking back, I'm hoping they didn't shed soot on my dress... o.0 I still have to wear that again!

Don't panic; you haven't missed the main event! We are having the main event in Flagstaff in August still!

You know, I don't have a whole lot to add to this anymore, except for one aspect that Beedoo! left out: the groom!

With all the effort going into Beedoo!'s dress, the groom's costume kind of came second place in my mind. But not, I think, in Beedoo!'s. Early on she had decided that I should wear a vest. This was an odd thought to me, and it took some convincing on her part. In fact, I was being pretty difficult. In the end, though, we ordered one. My parents wanted to buy me the rest of the costume, so we went out together and bought shous, black pants and a particularly nice white shirt that went well with the vest. On the day of the wedding I put the whole thing on before helping Beedoo! get into her dress (with her mother's assistance; it's a two person job!), then we had to go, we had our ceremony, everyone was really nice to us, we took pictures... And you know what? The first time I ever saw myself in the mirror was in the large mirror in the elevator when we got back. And you know what? I was surprised at how good I looked in that vest.

So maybe, possibly, Beedoo! knows what she's talking about. She wants me to wear a hat next time. Think I should? ;)

P.S.: I love this picture. Beedoo! did such a great job on it.

P.P.S.: Thank you everybody for your comments on the previous comic. You are very kind!

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