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AAAAAAAH! Beedoo!'s parents are coming to watch us get married! Clean clean clean! AAAAAH!

The condo that I bought over seven years ago has some things going for it, and one such thing is that it has big windows with a view on a historic building. I very much like them, and the view. They give the place a lot of light and openness. However, windows have a tendency to get dirty. These windows especially so, it seems. Maybe it's because there's still a bit of undeveloped building lot nearby; maybe it's because we're on the fourth floor; or maybe the weather gods just don't like us. Whatever's the case, once we have cleaned them, grime overtakes them in so much less time than is fair for all that work. Of course, that's a bit discouraging, so we don't clean our windows as often as we should.

But we did it, again. Let's see how we fare now that there is even less undeveloped land nearby. In any case, don't tell Beedoo!'s parents how dirty the windows were. They should believe they always look this nice. ;)

Anyway... AAAAAAH! Clean clean clean! AAAAAAAAH!

This dragon discovered new floors MOAR FLOAR NAOW! We've been in a cleaning frenzy with the impending arrival of my parents. Due to a misinterpretations on my part, they will be arriving a day later than we expected them (because an international flight from the US lands the following day in Europe). My mom pointed out, "Well, that means you've got one more day to clean!" And clean we have!

The windows are, of course, the most major project, because they are huge and plentiful. As a day-project, we managed to clean most of them, leaving out two that aren't as visible, in the bathroom and computer room.

Then there's the floor, and the unwanted carpet. Kayenta is shedding her winter coat and coating the wood floor with it. A hair here and there doesn't bother us much, but she's doing a good job of distributing her shed evenly over the house. I swept thoroughly yesterday, and, after brushing her (outside), had to sweep again, due to the clumps of hair that were already gathering. I ended up with another dustpan-full.

I've been alternating between whirlwind activity and periods of apathy, knowing my parents won't actually care if the house is spotless or not, but I dunno... it's still common courtesy to have a clean house for visitors to come into, parents or otherwise... and of course, there will be some in the "otherwise" category coming as well (though I place much less importance on what impression we leave on the hairdresser than my parents).

I seem to be down to small tasks now... in the past hour or so, I've brushed the dog, swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom sink and toilet as well as the kitchen sink, put away dishes in the dishwasher, washed a pan that couldn't go in the dishwasher, restocked the toilet paper, folded a load of laundry that was still sitting around from yesterday, and made a beaker of tea.

We'd intended to clean off the hood over the cooktop, but it's not happening, other than maybe a cursory dusting. This is going to fall into the don't-care category.

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