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This dragon is disappearing into nothingness Now, I've been trying to lose weight for a good three years, so when the man making my wedding dress told me I needed to lose 2 kilos before my final fitting, I was a bit insulted. I mean, if I'm doing everything already to lose weight and it's not happening, what am I supposed to do?

So I modified my diet a bit and amped up my workouts a bit. DDR has fallen by the wayside as Tae-Bo has taken a more central role. I cut potato and corn chips almost completely out of my diet. I started drinking tomato juice as a snack, as it gives me a low-calorie boost (not that I was drinking anything bad before, it's just that water isn't as filling). I've taken to eating pretzel sticks (but not often, as I don't care for them that much) and celery sticks with hummus as snacks. I'm limiting myself to one bag of chips a week, and lately, I haven't even wanted to snack all that much... partly because I'm also now drinking a cup of coffee (with cream and sugar) in the morning, and it kill my desire to munch during the day. I'm also cutting back on the amount of cereal I consume... I'm thinking cereal accounted for much of my weight gain, so I've also cut that back to one box per week, whereas I would normally go through two. I'm filling the gap with oatmeal with honey or jam.

And, well, I lost those two kilos in under two weeks. I dropped from 87.5kg to 84.9kg in two weeks, and more importantly, the dress fits better around the waistline. But my dressmaker also advised me not to loose TOO much weight... though it would be easier to take the dress in rather than having to let it out. Weight's not a consistent thing though, and for the time being, I'm holding at about 85.5. (85kg, or 187 lbs was my weight goal; this is what I weighed when I got out of high school.) I'll dip down to my goal weight and then pop back up again the next day... but I suppose that's to be expected.

The problem I'm having now, though, is that my size 12 pants aren't staying up. Going to have to go shopping for more... and that's going to be tedious, 'cause sizing here is different, and I'm going to have to try on several in each brand just to find the right ones... sigh. I just donated 10 pair of size 14s, because I realized they were still hanging around at the bottom of the wardrobe (just in case I backslid that far). Looks like I may have to do the same for the relatively new size 12s I just bought in February. It's a bit of a waste. Meanwhile, I'm having to borrow Arno's belt!

Losing weight is in the air - I wonder how it got up there, what with all the weight and stuff.

Ever since Beedoo! got here she has been trying to lose weight, and with some success. There has certainly been a slow downward trend, which tends to be a good sign of permanent progress. The only thing that keeps mucking it up, though, is going to America. People, America is bad for your figure. Every time we go there we come back with more of ourselves than we brought on the trip there. I'm surprised they don't raise the prices or flights out of America for the extra weight gain!

No, I joke, of course. The reason we gain weight over there is because of all the eating out we do there. It's not like we spend a lot of time cooking our own meals like we do here. But it's an issue.

Beedoo! is losing weight to better fit her dress, my mother is losing weight because she has gained significantly since she quit smoking, and is now at risk of diabetis. And even I briefly lost weight because, well, my weight was creeping towards a maximum I was comfortable with. I guess the most effective way to lose weight is to have a good reason.

The real trick, of course, is going to be keeping her exact weight for the next three months so she can wear the same dress during our ceremony in Flagstaff, on August 31st. ;)

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