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August 31st, everybody! Oh, and June 5th as well.

Okay, so, for those who haven't been following our adventures for too long, or those who got lost in the swamp that was the previous blog post (oh, so many we have lost...), Beedoo! and I are getting married. For real and everything! And we even have a date and location: August 31st, Flagstaff, somewhere. We have some issues with the reception venue to work out, but I'm absolutely sure it'll be fine and we won't end up holding our reception in the homeless shelter.

We're also getting married on June 5th. Actually, that's when we do it for reals as far as the government is concerned. We'll be marrying before the city of Haarlem in The Netherlands, and from that moment on Beedoo! can freely kill me and take everything will be with me forever. It will be a short, small ceremony, very disappointing for all who come to visit (Hi Beedoo!'s mom and dad!). On August 31st we will be receiving a blessing of the union in the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Flagstaff. This will be the big event, with a reception and everything.

Oh, and Beedoo! is organising practically everything. So hold her responsible for the result. :)

Oh, and April 3rd, people. Today! It's my birthday. Just saying... ;)

This dragon is setting her deathtraps organizing herself into a stupor. Indeed, Aug 31, Labor Day weekend. Incidentally, the same weekend my parents were married. It'll make the anniversaries easy to remember... I HAD tried to avoid this though... but the draw of dragging the Arcadians to the County Fair (also that weekend) was too much to pass up. And indeed, I've been organizing until I fall into a stupor. Usually not during, thankfully, as that means some costly errors. Speaking of costly errors...

I had originally looked at venues around Flagstaff where we could select our own caterer. I had wanted to use Simplly Delicious, as a friend of mine had used them for her bridal shower. The Museum of Northern Arizona used three caterers, and SD happened to be one of them, so I was happy. Arno and I checked out the site on our visit in February. It was a little more than I'd wanted to shell out for a venue, but Arno talked me into it. We even considered buying passes for everyone as a wedding favor rather than candy and knickknacks. But, it was not to be, and it's their own damn fault.

See, I had signed a contract for using the building, and even arranged 1-Day event insurance for it. They had a high number of stipulations, some of them near ludicrousness in their cautiousness. I can't fault them for it; they've got a trove of priceless artifacts in there, after all. I promised to comply, and sent the form in, and sent my mom over with a check for the deposit, plus some. THEN they send me a revised contract back, saying that I was mistakenly given an old form, and that I would have to sign the new one because of a change in their alcohol policy, which basically comes down to not allowing any caterers to serve alcohol, and instead hiring their own bartenders and charging pretty much double price for drinks. I refuse to sign the new contract. I feel like they breached the earlier contract, and I don't really trust them not to pull more shit like this if I signed another one. This had me more than irritated... I was fuming mad. I was shaking I was so mad at their response, giving a no-go on trying to work with the caterer on the issue. At the same time, I didn't want to be outright mean (I downright refuse to be a Bridezilla, no matter how it might suit my dragon nature...) because a grade school classmate of mine is assistant to the director there.

For now, I'm letting them play their games while I check on the church's parish hall, which I hadn't considered as an option before, but it's a TENTH of the price of the Museum and won't kick up a fuss over alcohol. (Wherever there's four Episcopalians, there's always a fifth (of liquor), we often say...) I've been praying about it, and the response I got from God was basically, "Drop 'em. I'd rather have you at my House anyway."

Aside of this hitch, so far just about everything else is going fine. (jinx) But I'll save the other details for later posts. There's bound to be a lot of them. ;p

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