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Shower the dragon with praise!
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This dragon is washing the brides from her scales We're kind of skipping over the little drama we had in Detroit where we almost missed the plane because it's not worth a comic of its own... Arno, wearing his green and black coat, ran for the tram while I was putting my shoes on after getting through security... I lost sight of him and ran after someone else with a green coat, then realizes I was going after the wrong person, and, well, we thought we had already missed the plane, were told they were still there, but hurry; lost each other again, and in the end made it on, dog, insulin and all, and I sat on the plane wheezing for a good hour.

Aside of that little hitch, our vacation went pretty well. It wasn't a relaxing vacation, but I got a lot done... as my mom put it, "You've done in two weeks what most couples do over the course of six months." I had a lot to do while I was in town... have a wedding shower thrown for me, check out the venue for the reception, book the church, check on event insurance, talk to the baker about the cake, go over things with the caterer, and talk to the photographer (who then came down with the flu and couldn't meet anyway). Valentine's Day hit in the midst of this, and we went out for sushi/teppanyaki on the fly and luckily got in. ;p

But here, we're talking about the shower. My former boss from the flower shop organized everything, with help from another colleague from the shop. They did a wonderful job, from putting together invitations to laying out a lovely little high tea for us all. They served quiche, chicken-fruit sandwiches, scones with cream and lemon curd, and red velvet cupcakes. There was also tea and what Pennie called "blanco tardes," or for those who don't know Spanish, "white afternoon," which was white wine, served in teacups. I don't drink wine at all, but I still found it cute. :)

What Pennie and Mary had stipulated on the invites was to bring a "flat gift" with what people would have wanted to give instead, and a recipe for the bride to be... the reasons being there's only so much I can fit in a suitcase (and I'm still trying to move my stuff from there to here bit by bit!), and that we've already got everything for two households... we don't really need anything, or can think of anything we'd like to spend money on, (or have room for) aside of a nice honeymoon (which, btw, won't occur until months after both weddings). Only one or two people named a gift they would have gotten me, though most included a recipe, and I have a lot of new things to try now! The difficult part is going to be trying to find equivalent ingredients in the Netherlands... instant rolls?? Unlikely...

Pennie and Mary also gave me a coffee-table book of pictures of Arizona and asked people to sign it. "So you don't forget Arizona," they said. Sweet sentiment, though (cue meme) one does not simply forget Arizona. I was talking to the TSA officer who was checking Kayenta in at Detroit, and he said how he missed living in Arizona, in Phoenix. When I said that actually we were from Flagstaff, he said, "You got to live in FLAGSTAFF?? Oh, you're so lucky! We would escape to Flagstaff every chance we got!" Yeah, once you've lived in the Southwest, you always want to go back.

My friend Lauren (one of my bridesmaids) was planning on coming in from Albuquerque. Her mom had backed out from the invitation earlier because a close colleague of hers had passed away and the funeral was set at EXACTLY the same time as the shower. Lauren got caught in a snowstorm on the way over, and after seeing four accidents on the side of the road, turned around and went home. We were both disappointed--we'd both really wanted to catch up for more than 5 minutes--but I'm glad that she did the smart thing and turned around. Had I been in her place, I probably would have done the dumb thing and kept going because I'm stubborn as hell and a little snow is not gonna stop me! ;p (I was also supposed to call her to go out to lunch while she was in town for Prez Day weekend, but I bungled the dates on that one while trying to arrange other things. Gah.)

This dragon is still carrying all the brides back home

Well, there is little I can add to all this. This was Beedoo!'s adventure, after all. I stayed back at the house, replied to my e-mail, took a shower and waited for her to come home. She came home much later than she said, and seemed happy at the way things had gone. And when she's happy, I am happy. Happier anyway. ;)

In the next comics I'll have more to report, I expect. Un less people are genuinely interested in my shower?

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