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This dragon is doing something funny but I can't think of what and I have to go eat dinner leave me alone! Arno's a little testy at stepping in pee in his bare feet, but I guess that's understandable.

Kayenta is eight years old. That's not exceptionally old for a dog on average, but she was started to ACT old... generally being creaky and slow, and favoring feet that were stiff after laying on them. We put her on senior food and discussed glucosamine chondroitin addatives with the vet.

One morning, Kayenta had been bothering me and was very whiny while I was getting up and dressed. Before I could finish putting on my shoes to take her out, she let loose on the bedroom carpet. You may have experienced having little spots to clean up if you've owned a puppy... but a full-grown dog has a much bigger bladder, and Kayenta had just emptied hers on the floor in a HUGE puddle. I did my best to blot it up and used some foam cleaner on it, and took her out on her walk... she was very ashamed (but got over it quickly). We went on with our Friday.

The following Friday, Arno awoke to Kayenta whining at him, and when he got up, found several small puddles with the keen nerves in his feet, ranging down the length of his side of the bed to the doorway. Kayenta had apparently dribbled as she went. Arno, of course, had to prepare for work, so I ended up doing most of the cleanup, going through a few rolls of paper towels and the rest of the spray-cleaner.

I happened to note that both times, Kayenta's accidents were on Friday. We have a pretty set pattern... Thursdays we go to Arno's parents' for dinner, and walking the dog there and back replace her evening walks. Well, our normal nighttime walk occurs around 11:00, and when we go to Tom and Joke's, we start home at around 9 or 9:30... so that extra hour or hour and half must've been the problem! We also began to notice that she had been drinking a lot of water... also part of the problem, and a signal that something was up with her. I had been having problems with a urinary tract infection myself, and figured that this might be her problem. So I took her to the vet, where she was given some extremely expensive antibiotic pills. But a week later, she was still drinking an awful lot, and begging to go out at odd times because of that.

The vet had asked us to bring a urine sample. This was a challenge, because the dog pees with her butt on the ground. The vet suggested using a table spoon to collect the urine with--I wasn't about to do that... we USE those spoons! Plus Arno's spoons are rather flat-ish, and wouldn't help much for urine collection anyway. The other thing was that the vet never gave me any container to collect the urine in. I had already run into this problem with my doctor the previous week: they expect you have something to take a urine sample in. I guess it saves on costs, but -I- sure wouldn't trust people to be able to bring a sample in a clean, sterilized bottle! I'd transferred some pills out of a pill bottle for my sample, cleaned and let it sit in boiling water for a while, but now that I needed one for the dog...? I had to get creative. The best thing I could find with a lid was a jalapeno jar. I cleaned that up, but the rubberized lid still smelled of peppers... I hoped that wouldn't affect things. To catch the pee, I cut part of the side of a paper cup off, making a sort of scoop. Then came the actual gathering... The first attempt was a beautiful failure. In trying to catch her pee, Kayenta wet all over my hand, but I DID get a little bit caught in the cup, which I then lost my grip on. I grabbed it... whew, there was still a little dribble left. I transferred it to the jar, screwed the lid on, and put it in my pocket. We then proceeded with our walk, me freezing my peed-on hand off. On the way back, I stopped to throw away some trash and took the bottle out of my pocket so it didn't accidentally fall. I looked at it. It was empty. The lid was on cock-eyed. All the pee must've leaked out into my pocket. Sighing, I brought her back inside.

I washed up (my hand felt a bit sticky), threw my coat in the wash, fed the dog and ate breakfast, and took her out a bit later to see if I could get another sample from her. That one worked out better, and I ran it right over to the vet's, left it there, and went home. As soon as I got home, I got a call from the vet telling me to bring the dog in RIGHT AWAY... "Ze heeft suikersiekte!" She has sugar-sickness... diabetes! (They asked me if I had brought the sample in a jam jar because her blood sugar was so high! I'm sure jalapenos have some sugars in them, but not so much that the aroma would throw their test off!) The stickiness of the pee I had felt earlier (and noticed on my shoes when I was cleaning up after her) was because her system wasn't processing sugar, so it was just building up in her system and being expelled. Kayenta was given an insulin shot and I was trained on how to give her shots myself (using saline), and provided with a bottle of insulin and a number of needles. More on this process next time. Hope you're not afraid of needles!

So yeah, Kayenta is a diabetic now. I always said she was special!

Beedoo! has been really quick in drawing up a new comic. So quick that I have not even had the time to add my comment here. And since it's about Kayenta again, I'll just post my musings there. So click on, gentle reader...

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