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Some of our most loyal fans (Hi loyal fans!) may remember our comic last year about Sint Maarten. To recap: it's a day whyen kids in this region of The Netherlands go door by door with little lanterns, often self-made, and sing songs in the hopes of receiving candy. Fortunately and unfortunately, the kids never come to my door. Not because Beedoo! would eat them (she says she likes humans when they're still miniature), but because we're just not convenient. We're in a small building that you can only enter if someone opens the main door for you, and then you've got two front doors per floor. Any parents who take their kids this route prefer the much bigger building next to us, which has whole tracts of doors to sing at. And besides, apartment buildings just aren't fun, you know?

Why is this fortunate as well as unfortunate? Well, it's fortunate because we don't need to prepare. This was extra fortunate that weekend. You see, Sint Maarten was on a Sunday this year, so Saturday, our normal day for grocery shopping, would have been perfect for buying emergency candy for any unexpected kids showing up at our doorstep. Unfortunately, I was 'on call' for my job, meaning that people might call me with problems. And they did! There was a major issue, and it took all day to resolve to satisfaction (which counts as paid overtime. Woohoo!), and then there was no time to go to the grocery store. On Sunday, I stayed on call for most of the day, and we only went grocery shopping as late as we could manage. Just before closing time we grabbed all that we could think of and headed home in record time!

Unfortunately, we forgot to buy candy. Fortunately, no one ever shows up anyway. Right?

After shopping we then went to walk the dog and saw all the kids singing and walking around with their lanterns, smiling at the picturesque scenes. And then we came back to our place, and were mortified to observe parents with kids entering our building. Our building! Were they there for specific apartments? A song for grandma and grandpa perhaps? For friends? Or were they going to go through the entire building and find us lacking? Which such worries on our mind, hillarity ensued.

First, since the kids entered through the front door, we decided to take the back door to the stairwell. Kayenta knows how to walk stairs by now, but was clearly weirded out, which cost us valuable extra time. We then quickly sneaked into our house and started looking for wrapped candies. What we found was this: seven individually wrapped balls of extremely salty candy. I could see us standing in the doorway now. "What a nice song, kids. Here, have some salt."

At that point Beedoo!'s inherently evil dragon nature shone through, and she hatched the most dasterdly, most diabolical plot to get out of this predicament. We were going to do the unthinkable, the unethical, the immoral! We were going to hand out tangerines. Armed with tangerines or balls of salt, we now anxiously awaited the enthusiastic little children, ready to crush their dreams and earn the piercing glares of their parents.

... They never came.

Rude, isn't it? You bust a gut preparing things for Sint Maarten, and they never even show up. Ungrateful brats.

This dragon is hiding behind the couch with the lights off. It was a perfect evening for Sint Maarten... it was a warm evening, no rain to ruin things, there was a full moon, and it was on a weekend. We were glad that all the kids were getting to have a good time with it, unlike last year's, which was a rainy weekday.

We can't do the panic that we went through enough justice. We had SOMEthing, if worse came to worse, but if there were more than five kids, we would have been sunk. You just can't give out unwrapped candy... and who wants to be the stick in the mud that gives out fruit? I guess this is a bit like trying to fend off a hoard of zombies and the only thing you have to fight with is a stick that breaks at the first hit. It was that kind of panic. We got lucky... though really, we probably had nothing to worry about. As Arno said, people don't come to us for Sint Maarten... it's a bit odd that they were there at all.

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