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This is Riptide:

(He's the one under the sparkly dragon.)

Riptide is Beedoo!'s pet aligator. He came with us from America. It was a big adventure!

Buckle up before the plane takes off, Riptide!

Flying was really boring, but at least there was good company.

He watched TV...

... And read a book...

Then, at the airport, he had to wait a long time for another flight.

So, he went sight-seeing!

And he had a big dinner. Boy, airport food sure is expensive!!

Finally he could go to the gate for the other airplane.

Whoops! It sure is crowded when everybody boards!

This plane flew at night! So Riptide tried to sleep. The sleeping mask helped and made him feel like a superhero!!

He was really tired when he arrived in The Netherlands. Fortunately, Arno's dad was there to pick him up.

Whew. What a trip. Time to rest!!

The End!

OR IS IT?!?!

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