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100 comments. Starting now. Go!
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Happy anniversary to us!

Some of you paying attention must have already noticed: welcome to comic number 100! Or, as the case may be: comics number 100, our very special anniversary extravaganza!

Now, of course, this includes the comic on our front page, the very first Arno and Beedoo! comic ever made. And it also includes the two comics that I pasted out of older comics (who could ever forget? Especially such seamless professionalism!). But on the other hand, these three comics do make an even 100 for Beedoo!. Let's all give her a hand (but make sure you're not using it anymore)!

So, what else can I say? We had the idea for a comic blog more than two years ago now. It was intended as a way to keep in touch with old online friends, and with family as well. Did it work? Partially, I guess. Most people are Facebooking and Tweeting now - which sounds like the kind of things that alarming media reports would warn about back in the 90s; do you know where your child is? - so we still kind of miss out on a lot, I think. But here we are, our little corner of the web. I think it's neat.

Beedoo! outdid herself with these comics; we roughly discussed ideas, but her execution is hillarious. That last one is mostly for me: earlier this year the online game store Steam was having a massive sale, and I bought oh so many games at ridiculously low prices that I will never, ever be able to play them all. I already have over 160 hours play time in the first one that I got (for $10)! It's kind of a running gag now...

As for the other things, heck, as for all these things, who knows. Wouldn't it be nice to grow old together and put together a creepy collection of stuffed Kayenta's? I think it would be. But before we get to that point, I'm going to spend a lot of time worrying about Beedoo!'s retirement fund. I have a pension being built up, but just today I heard that when I die, she gets nothing, except if I die on this particular job, basically. So, in the unfortunate eventuality that I remain alive (and I know she doesn't want to talk about such things) things need to be arranged. Worry, worry... Fortunately, I can worry for the both of us, and she can laugh for the both of us. And thus, it all balances out.

Thanks for reading! Please keep coming back!

P.S.: thank you everyone for your coments on the previous comic - you know, the one about me proposing? I really appreciate the support and the kind words. It makes me feel like I should be the kind of guy who responds to these comments instead of... Not. (In my defense, I tend to find them in the morning just before going to work.)

Again, though, thank you. Now, over to the star of this show. Give a back hand to Beedoo!! (But be ready to pull back quickly.)

This dragon expects to find some sort of witty line here. "When 800 years you reach, look as good you will not!" So yeah, welcome to comic 100! It's been a long time in the talking and a longer time in the making. In fact, I'd promised Candide that I'd put up his vid, in which Beedoo! gets a second-long cameo! (And now of course, he's posted to the comments before I could post this bit of the blog!)

Spot the dragon (blink and you'll miss it...):

(Shipping, for those not in the know, is creating a relationship between two characters. In this case, everyone in the Forum Shipping thread was shipped together, in rather a stroke of brilliance. Candide used everyone's avatars and user name bars to do so, making this simple but heavily in-jokey movie.)

So, yes... here we all are. I've drawn 100 comics, and we've blogged... well, a little less than that, but we're probably wordy enough to make up for it. A heartfelt thanks to everyone that's followed us thus far! Believe me, the last 10 or 12 comics have been agony getting through, with the Are We There Yet factor setting in. I think Arno and I have been discussing ideas for this (now these) comic(s) for well over a month. And then forgetting what we said and having to start over again. (Old age, it's setting in already!) Arno reminded me (too late) that I was suppose to have a dead potted plant as Kayenta #5 or so, and have old Arno watering Kayenta #6 with a watering can. Whoops. Weren't lawn darts, tire tracks (though now that looks like a sweater to me...), scorchings, squashings, and decapitations enough?

I'd like to think that we're going to end up as weird old people who have their dead pets taxidermied, and wreak havoc on the old folks' home. Doddering and senile, wobbling around in house shoes with canes and walkers, and Arno still chastising Beedoo! for eating the orderlies.

Anyway... Thanks again for staying with us in the tree thus far, and here's to the next hundred!

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