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This is a handy little dragon...
So, if it's not clear from the above picture, Arno asked for my hand. As in, proposed. So, that's a bit of excitement, eh? We haven't hammered out any particulars yet as to date or venue or any of that, but we do have the hammers. ;p

I've been asked if Arno was romantic or corny, if he waxed poetic or the like... the answer is no. We went to Olive Garden during our trip to Arizona, got about halfway through the meal, talking, when he started to turn to talk about romance and financial doings which would make things easier on us long-term. And then he started getting really meek and said, "I really don't know what I'm doing with this, and I know it's not very romantic, but... if I asked you to marry me, what would you say?" I said, well, of course I'd say yes. So he asked. And I said yes. (I thought I might say, "Oh, wait, no..." just to keep him on his toes, but I didn't have the heart to. I also considered then standing up and telling the whole room that he'd just proposed to me, and that drinks were on me, but I figured that might not have gone over great with my new fiancere and financere. As it was, what appetite I had left was stemmed... it was hard enough not to cry, much less eat.

So, there ya are. As Patrick Stewart said, "Engaged!"

Now comes all the difficult stuff...

This dragon still has its hands full...

Did you know that Beedoo! and I met in the Station 8 Gargoyles chatroom? You probably did. Some time in the early 90s some folks at Disney played around with the notion of an animated television show around stone statues, and here, in 2012, we are.

One or two days ago I talked with Beedoo! about how that chatroom changed our lives for the better. For sure, not all that came from me finding it was a positive experience. There's been hurt and frustration as well. But it also gave me access to a community of people very different from the people I had had access to. It expanded my mind and my views. Shy and reclusive as I was, this find came just at the right time. Or, perhaps, just in time. As Beedoo! pointed out, things went from 'talking with fans', to fun roleplay (man, did we have some hillarious stuff going on), to deep conversations. That the place also brought us together almost seems like an afterthought.

And here we are in 2012. I suppose you'll all want to know about my side of the romantic proposal. Well, it wasn't very romantic. I had been working on it for the whole year, but not in the way you'd think. I was afraid; I was afraid to do it wrong and ruin the moment, and I was afraid to tempt Beedoo! into an offer that would be ultimately ruinous for her (yay self-esteem!). A few things finally pushed me over the edge:

  • It was starting to take me a ridiculously long time. The vacation became sort of like a deadline for me.
  • Beedoo! was left in limbo: no commitment from me, while her life in Flagstaff was slowly being dismantled.

So that evening at the Olive Garden I yammered along as I always did, and trhe subject sort of automatically presented itself, and so... There I went. Now, me, I'm full of concerns. That's the basic state of being for me. If you removed my concerns I would probably deflate like a balloon (and perhaps commically fly through the room a bit making deflating farting noices). I am still concerned about everything. I'm concerned about our all the finance stuff that's going to have to be worked out. I'm concerned about inviting too few or too many people, I'm concerned about not being romantic enough, I'm concerned about not being good enough, I'm concerned about becoming dull, I'm concerned that I play too many computer games, I'm concerned that this list will make people concerned... See what it's like in here? ;)

What's up next? No idea? The internet seems full of people giving Beedoo! advice or offers for help, so maybe I'll just lie down and let that truck roll over me. It'll be easier. ;) Other than that, we're going to need a lot of financial advice. I don't think Beedoo! currently has any kind of pension at all, for instance. Can she have mine if I die prematurely? How does that work? How does her being American play into it? How does anything work? So far I managed to stumble through life by not doing anything out of the ordinary, but, well, this is kind of out of the ordinary, isn't it?

But the first step has been set. Now you all just have to kick me till we have all the next steps in order. ;)

Thanks for following our adventures all this time. I hope you'll stick around for more. I'm sure there'll be more.

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