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So after our vacation (we did tell you we were going on vacation, didn't we?) I bet everyone is really eager to officially read the news on this blog. So we decided not to let you wait any longer. That's right: Beedoo! passed three Dutch exams! Listening, speaking and reading.

Unfortunately, the act of writing Dutch did not come natural enough, apparently, and she will have to take that exam again. This is a bit unfortunate, since the preparation work cuts into our other plans a bit, but considering the results from the rest of her class: not bad at all!

Since it was Beedoo! doing all the work, I'll let Beedoo! do all the work of talking about it as well... :)

This dragon is writing her comment. Keep a safe distance and wear a hard hat at all times. You would think I could pass writing, of all things, right? Given that it's my strong suit, and that I got 50% more time on all my tests due to my reduced sight, it should have been a breeze. Nope. Turns out, the scoring is skewed a bit on each test. (Arno should have talked about this, since he looked it up and understood more of it than I did...) So while I scored a 541 on speaking (500 is passing for these...) I only managed a 497 on writing. Missed it by three points.

On the one hand, I'm thrilled that I did so well... others in my class didn't pass any. (I'm surprised that my friend Tohow only passed two; he's been the most enthousiastic and motivated to learn and really studies hard!) And on the other hand, I'm pissed that I didn't make it for this one. The close margin makes it that much worse, like bouncing a basketball off the rim.

All in all, my scores were:

Speaking: 541
Listening: 502
Writing: 497
Reading: 523

So I barely squeaked through with Listening (I was really distractable at the time, and my mind tended to wander instead of listning to the tape (that's another thing, their antiquated technology)), but did pretty well on the others... why should writing be that hard?? Honestly, I can see why the others didn't do well... if I had 50% more time and didn't make it, how would they make it with regular time limits? I find it a bit unfair, and I also feel a bit guilty that I get special dispensation for my blind eye, but I suppose all the brain tumor trauma did net me something. Without the extra time for reading, I doubt I would have passed.

I have to do the writing exam again, and have to keep doing it until I pass, apparantly. The first two tests are free (well, paid for by the government), including the one I've already done, but if I don't pass the second try, I'll have to pay for them. Damn... back to studying!

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