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How many dragons does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Answer: duct tape!

For a few years now, I am a home owner. And as a home owner, you have a responsibility to yourself to maintain your home and all that is in it and around it. Fortunately, it is possible to cheat: I have a condo in a larger building complex. Legally, I own the whole complex along with all the other condo owners. this means we are all responsible for the building upkeep. And you know what all also means: not me!

This still does not give me a Get Out of Jail Free card for what happens inside the condo, though, and this comic is the result. In fact, the inspiration for this comic is that his actually, factually happened. All we had to do was insert two dragons (and, apparently, one dismembered foot). Yes, that's right: we duct taped out fridge.

See, the light bulb in the fridge burnt out, and Beedoo! decided to replace it at around 11:30 PM. She tried to screw out the old bulb, but it just broke in her hands. What followed was considerable midnight effort to remove the broken light bulb. This explains the need for bandaids, because there was some sharp glass involved. Ow.

What threw us was that the bulb was rather hard to see, and for a long tine we thought that the fitting was actually part of the bulb. We went through great effort trying to 'unscrew' it. In fact, in the process we removed a rubber cap that we will never be able to place back. Since I feared that the opening it left would allow moisture to cause a short circuit, we ended up patching it up with duct tape. What a sad little episode that was.

However, we did do one thing really well: keep our cool. Two very tired dragons, past midnight in a hot room lying backwards in the fridge cutting themselves on glass... It took some considerable doing, but I am proud to report we did not strangle each other in frustration. Go us!

This dragon is basking in the light.

This is the worst-designed fridge I have ever seen. Basically, it's designed to be part of a cabinet system, so when you look at it, it looks like the rest of the kitchen cabinets. This leaves us with something like a 3.5 x 3 foot fridge, and something a bit smaller for the freezer, which also has half of its space taken up by the cooling unit. All in all, the two together are enough for a week's worth of food and some ice cream and bread, but little more.

The other problem I have with this fridge is basically the whole lighting system. The bulb they decided to use is a weird long thing, which turned out to also be very fragile... in trying to turn it to get it loose, as Arno mentioned, it shattered. (I wasn't cut, but Arno slashed his finger on some of the remaining glass later.) Intent on not making anything remotely easy, the manufacturers also decided they didn't want to have people blinded by the fridge light, so they put the entire light unit in so the bulb and housing faces the back of the fridge. In other words, we couldn't see what the hell we were doing, and had to backbend (see picture) just to get any purchase on the thing.

On top of this, the plug is rather inaccessable, as it has a facade to make it look like a cabinet on the outside, and since we didn't want to make everything complicated by removing that and unplugging for safety's sake, one of us had to hold in the button that makes the light go on while the other was futzing with the bulb... making it a two-person job.

I eventually said, "I don't think this is that part we should have been pulling on..." This was after we managed to yank the socket halfway loose. I took hold of the filament and twisted, and the remains of the bulb came right out. At this point, we broke out the duct-tape to reinsulate the socket, since we couldn't get the rubber ring we'd yanked off back on.

All in all, with both of us being rather controlling people, both of us wanting to get in there and get things done, we were very level-headed about it. There was certainly palpable tension in the air, and the dog was waiting impatiently for her walk as well, but we managed to get through it without snapping at each other. Go us!

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