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So, while I am typing this, Beedoo!'s parents are traveling to The Netherlands by airplane. They will finally see what kind of a world I dragged their daughter into. And that means, of course, that that world needed an intense scrubbing to be presentable. The windows last week (and boy do I have a lot of window), this week general cleaning and presentability.

For the next two weeks we will be dragging Beedoo!'s parents through Haarlem and assorted other parts of The Netherlands. They will be in boats, rollercoasters, miniature cities, tulips, churches, museums, the works. We plan to take them to the Rijksmuseum to see De Nachtwacht, and to the secret annex of Anne Frank (because no vacation is complete without a severely depressing experience).

I don't know if there will be comics in the mean time. That's up to Beedoo!, and how hard I push her. ;)

There is nothing that spurs you into cleaning like someone dear to you coming to visit. It seems like I've been doing cleaning for my parents' visit for the past two weeks, and that may be about accurate... I know I vacuumed just last week, but I needed to do it again today due to the dog continuing to shed on everything in the meantime. The house has gotten effectively two full cleanings in as many weeks, which is a bit rare these days since I have homework to worry about first.

The windows were a huge project, as Arno has floor-to-ceiling windows that functon as basically an entire side wall of the condo. On this side of the house, he was two sets of glass doors that lead out onto the balcony, and a long window and set of sliding glass doors out onto the patio. On top of that, there's another set of floor-to-ceiling swing doors in the bedroom, and three sets of in-swinging windows (ceiling to, say, mid-thigh height) that leave you staring out over a 4-story drop with nothing to catch you of you lean too far out. You can imagine that we don't get around to them often, nor want to, but by this time, with all the rain of winter and spring, they were to the point where we could no longer tell if it was raining by looking through them.

Lucky for me, I had a light workload at school and had time to take care of other little things around the house... brushing the dog, sweeping the floor, vacuuming, as I said, twice. Kayenta has been losing her winter coat over the past month and the clumps of hair she leaves around can be maddenning! She was frightened by thunder one morning, and was invited up onto the bed for comforting. Afterward, the bed had to be thoroughly brushed to get the hair off the duvet cover (we have a nice little sponge thing that wads it up nicely, but it's still a lot of effort). Then she was invited up again as we were playing, and the process had to be repeated. >.<

Ya know what's infuriating though? Cleaning the whole house, top to bottom, and then going back to someplace you know you've gone over several times, and now there's more dirt and hair there!

Arno wanted to mention something about the sheer amount of stuff I drew for this comic. I wish I'd put more perspective into the heap of things, so they weren't all pointing toward the viewer, but honestly, how much effort do I need to put into things at this point? Not that much, I think.

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